Bitcoin Proves The Haters Wrong (Top Crypto Makes Millions for Hodlers)

bitcoin has had a scary good run over the past few weeks with recurring etf acceptance bulletin and cost action that can clear you scream today’s bitcoin revise has a halloween theme so grab your attire and meet us on a stunt or consider treasure hunt for everything bitcoin futures etf approvings premium act quarrying finally moved to the u.s yep bitcoin’s got a broomstick and it’s flying high by the way don’t feel more sorry the bitcoin accepts they may be an endangered species at this stage but there’s still hope for them as an ironic halloween dres so let’s take a look at what’s new and what’s coming up next for the most difficult recurred home on the blockchain bitcoin let’s get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the fragment force the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs my identify is ben everyday on this path i show you how to make money in crypto if you like fund and crypto make sure to affect that agree button in this video we break down the latest news and revises for bitcoin last week we watched acceptances for two bitcoin futures exchange trade stores or etfs pro shares in valkyrie futures etf is a modulated financial make that throws investors a behavior to be indirectly exposed to the bitcoin market the shares can be bought and sold like broths and are underpinned by bitcoin future contracts type of derivative trading where two parties agree to buy or sell bitcoin for a predefined toll at a later date no matter what the price intents up being on that day although this future’s etf approval is good news it’s not the same as having a bitcoin etf approved by the sec bitcoin etfs are backed by bitcoin while futures etfs are backed by derivatives still huge bulletin that the futures etfs were approved it allows more parties to become exposed to bitcoin and it shows that there could be a road map ahead for more to etfs speaking of permissions give this channel yours by crushing up that like button promotions out the canal and helps spread the story that there’s no stunt to investing in bitcoin in fact stacking stats is a treat pro shares futures etf got its approval on october 18 th that started trade the next day on new york stock exchange under the ticker b-i-t-o or bitto pro-shares file for their approach etf the summer months and has its monies linked to the futures transactions on the chicago mercantile exchange or cme last week valkyrie’s bitcoin futures etf was certified for enumerate on the nasdaq exchange which will make it the second bitcoin etf to launch in the united states merchants already travelling batty for the amusing with cme envisioning record open interest in bitcoin futures etfs the amount of money locked in bitcoin futures contracts on the chicago mercantile exchange surged to record highs on friday in aftermath of the acceptances the dollar value of open interest was 3.64 million dollars on friday a representation that has virtually redoubled in one month glassnode recently is demonstrated that the number of excellent contracts on the cme is enhanced by 60 percentage although we’ve known about this for a long time grayscale also recently tweeted its plans to apply for a blot etf for its previously massive bitcoin fund grayscale’s communications administrator recently stated that the company will file for the etf formerly the sec isn’t unnerved by bitcoin etfs and there’s more evidence of their comfort with the underlying bitcoin market even though right now the sec seems as pleasant as lurch from the adams pedigree when it comes to crypto greyscale believes that comfort would likely come in the form of a bitcoin futures etf being saw effective the roadmap to full bitcoin etf approving is clearly in view we’re looking forward to news and updated information about how all the etfs pending approval with the sec will be handled and how existing funds will get around needing the admirations in the meantime canada already has etfs and arc invest is considering giving investors indirect exposure to bitcoin by allowing the fund to gain exposure to crypto assets through canadian bitcoin etfs as it stands ark etf is exposed to great flake bitcoin confidence and other corporations that attained major investments in bitcoin such as coinbase adding exposure to canadian etfs would compile the fund even more bitcoin focused we may not know how the etf report and pending approval will play out but we do know the bitcoin is finally getting the credibility it deserves yes flake squad the road ahead is clear for frightening amplifications i will say i told you so i’ll precisely settle for an evil laugh on this canal we’ve said for a long time the united states needs to get in the bitcoin mining tournament in a big way they want a competitive edge in crypto well never say never because in an ghostly turn of events being facilitated along by china’s bitcoin mining injunction the us has now overtaken china as the world’s biggest bitcoin mining centre that was quick according to data from the cambridge bitcoin electricity consumption index the united states now has 35 of the global bitcoin system hash rate followed by kazakhstan and china and russia where are bitcoin miners flocking to regimes with low energy costs of course even with its lack of energy substitutes and days-long blackouts last-place winter texas has some of the world’s lowest vigor expenditures with a stretching section coming from renewable energy like breath deregulated electricity grid tell patrons decide who provides the power and the political leaders in texas are notoriously procriptive it’s a awesome combination when it comes to attracting bitcoin miners who need energy to superpower mining computings politicians who support bitcoin mining another handsome destination for miners is upstate brand-new york its cooler temperatures reliable energy grid and renewable energy sources are spawning it a possible destination for mining operations brand-new york comes the majority of members of its superpower from hydropower equipment that operate on the niagara river and it’s gotten the attention of virtually 20 percentage of bitcoin miners and what’s being called the great mining migration there have been some hiccups along the way some new york district government officials no surprise have given bitcoin mining their best resting witch face they want to take the stress off the electricity grid that interpret a spike in exertion prices when regional mining began and they found that the job creation promised by bitcoin mining didn’t occur into much still brand-new york government legislators like colin reed former mayor of plattsburgh new york ultimately believe that crypto is the future and all that’s needed is a little policy tweaking to shape mining helpful for everyone bitcoin is continuing on its upward trajectory to 100k and it has mainstream interest and institutional asset under its sorcery in the past the mainstream media learnt bitcoin as a halloween fright floor coverage was indistinct elusive and riddled with terms like scam scam and ransom now bitcoin is discussed as frequently on mainstream business media as any other asset and countless foremost institutions and investors view bitcoin both bitcoin and ethereum have tickers on cnbc and adherence merely exhausted a series of moves on bitcoin to educate its investors the sec has a long lineup of bitcoin backed etfs awaiting approval which would be a huge price catalyst if the admirations went through mainstream investors who want to use a roth ira or other tax-free procedure of investing can buy bitcoin in a way they’re used to and this wants more parties with more showing to bitcoin and logically rate war would follow suit distributed according to plan b inventory to flow model on how the bitcoin toll will move over time we’re back in the blue this simulation shows the price having another potential leg up in the medium to short term and the price spate we’ve seen since the mini bear market be accompanied by futures etf approving has seen us some new support over 60 k we are projecting new all-time highs in the very near future with bitcoin discovering its best weekly close in history so don’t forget to keep stacking satoshi’s when you’re making your crypto apportionings stacking stats may feel like you’re moving at a zombie tempo too slow and not really getting anywhere but over term dollar cost averaging into bitcoin can leave you with a bitcoin stash so thrilling it would frighten even the most terrible trick-or-treating hall booyah that’s all i got be anointed[ Music] you