Blockchain Park #1 ???? #btc #crypto #eth

i keep having this recurringdream that in a not so far distant past a soul in a mask created me tether i’m a big boy tether where did you get all that money from chuck norris heads cryptocurrency by handand his dresser looks a lot like two countenances having aren’t you scared to get audited your sweetheart is like krypto shegoes down on me when least expected why do bitcoiners miss a lambo because ferrariis owned by fiat who is your new friend heather they announce me eth what’s it with you what areyou supposed to be my older brother something why are you so annoyed i have seen you around theblock let’s work together and find out who the three men in the concealment is he could be your papa myfather is the notorious bodybuilder vitalik buterin well if it wasn’t for satoshi vitalikwouldn’t be so jacked to begin with then it’s time for you to meet our new friendswho will be going on these undertakings with meet xrp and doge for some reason we don’tunderstand why exactly but the government and police are always after xrp he does seem a littleshady and the majority of time he has to keep his hands in the air good story he drummed his last-place twosec charges doge on the other hand is very sweet and parties time gravitate towards her tobe honest we are not exactly sure what she does or what her purpose is but she is very popularin the crypto parish together we will go on a pilgrimage that will be met with endless joy andadventure with the hopes that one day finding out who satoshi our grandpa really is i’m aninternet copper you want me to take care of this guy