Crypto Bill Update || PM Narendra Modi on Crypto

Hello friends, I am sharing a very important update on an urgently basis regarding cryptocurrency bill. And yesterday our Prime Minister has spoken a lot about cryptocurrency in a video conferencing, that also I will discuss. But the first thing that I am discussing is the update of crypto bill. We all know that our proposal viewing cryptocurrency which was listed under budget session 2021 and winter conference 2021. But there was no discussion on that. That greenback was not introduced inside parliament. Now the high expectations now was that our budget session 2022 is coming which starts from the end of January Our cryptocurrency bill will be introduced in this session. Because for a long time the bill was being scheduled continuously within each session. But there was no discussion on that. But here is a news from the economic meters. And inside this news a senior finance department official has given a statement.Cryptocurrency proposal may not be introduced in this budget session 2022. Because cryptocurrency is a complex topic. We need suitable time to bring regulation over it. So now this statement is given through a major finance ministry official. But if I talk last age too the same thing has happened in the budget session of 2021 and in wintertime conference 2021. Inside both our invoice was in the inventory. Which means that there was a list of statements in that our legislation was there. But « its not » interposed symbolizes there was no discussion on it. and the same statement is also given here That the bill will not be introduced even within the budget session 2022. It’s a possibility here but lets see what happens Our budget session 2022 is going to run within two sessions. The first session that starts from 31 st of January till 11 th of feb.And then starts from 14 th of March and will operate till 8th of April. Will happen within two sessions, so just lets see what happens Can it be introduced now? If it is introduced, can there be any discussion on it or not, we will have to see. And what is given in the crypto statute, what decision can the government take. Only coming era « re going to tell » this. Because the crypto bill has not come in front of us yet. The much awaited crypto greenback has not come in front of us yet. let’s see what happens and what is given inside that statement. Merely coming period « re going to tell » this. But whatever will be updated in respect of the crypto statement, you will definitely get to see it on my canal. So if you want to stay updated regarding that then definitely subscribe to the channel.If you haven’t done yet. Apart from this, yesterday our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a statement viewing cryptocurrency inside a World Economic Forum in which Narendra Modi has said that a collective global endeavour is needed to deal with the problems associated with the cryptocurrency. means whatever challenges are coming from cryptocurrency A world-wide exertion will be required to deal with them. We have to take a collective decision. At the same time he has also yielded this statement that the kind of technology it is associated with Means the technology which is being used in cryptocurrency.So the decision of a single country will be inefficient for that. to deal with it’s challenges. again, to deal with the challenges if a single country is taking the decision If someone is taking a step then it will be ineffective. Here we should think collectively about cryptocurrency and the technology associated with it Narendra Modiji has spoken this statement here. And this is said in a World Economic Forum, which was an online conferencing. There, he has given a statement, I have shared its proper time on my call direct. If you want to see, you are eligible to checkout by going to my call treat. You will get tie in the specific characteristics. So this is the update considering crypto invoice so far Whatever will be the next update, If our crypto statement is listed and introduced in the budget session. So I is certainly share with you on my path. For that if you have not subscribed the direct then surely subscribe to the channel.If you like the video then do like the video. emphatically share your opinion in the comment section. See you in next video. Till then take care and bye bye ..