De 0 à 5000% de R.O.I avec l’ETHEREUM ! BITCOIN CRYPTO-MONNAIES – Xolali ZIGAH

From 0 to 5,000% ROI with Ethereum!Bitcoin
and Crypto-currenciesXolali Zigah Maxence: From 0 to 5,000% profitability
with Ethereum! So yes, you heard right from 0 to 5000% profitability so
I am currently with Xolali Zigah that I already have that I have already
interviewed many times on the subject and he will explain to us in this video. Despite
this soaring price, why is it still a great potential to have a profitability
of 20%, 30%, 50% or more the year vis-à- vis all this. So just before, click on
the subscribe button to join tens of thousands of entrepreneurs subscribed
to the YouTube channel. So, can you quickly introduce yourself for people
who don't know you then explain to us in detail, what is ethereum and why
it will still fuse in the next few years.
Xolali: Very good! So my name is Xolali Zigah. So I have been an entrepreneur and
blogger in the field of crypto-currencies since 2014. As such, I have known the field
of crypto currencies since 2011 since I have known crypto currencies, bitcoin in
fact, since October 2011 exactly. So my story, as I told you, is
that I wanted to invest, I procrastinated and I saw prices soar but then
after that in 2014-2015, I really put myself to invest in it and I
invested around 8,000 euros in bitcoin when it was worth around 400 euros, let's say
, taking an average.

So today, as you've seen, prices have reached all-time
highs, so we're at… Maxence: Every time I make a video
with Xolali, every 2, 3 months, boom, every time there are all time highs
, not bad! Xolali: That's it! So today, the
price of bitcoin, on October 12, 2017, is 400 euros. You heard right, which
is about $5,100. So in the space of not even two years, the price has been multiplied
by more than 10. So that is to say the potential of this currency. But today,
we're not here to talk about bitcoin… Maxence: …but for a colleague, ethereum!
Xolali: which is called ethereum. So, the ethereum in fact, it was born
about two years ago and it was a Russian called Vitalik Buterin who created it
and his goal was thanks to the bitcoin technology which s called the Blockchain that
we had already talked about was to actually create a world computer.

You will
say, but what is world computer? So, a world computer is a tool
where all the people on the planet can connect and create applications on it.
So now what apps are they going to make? These are applications in
all fields. And that's why we say we create SmartContracts, in English
that means smart contracts. So, what can we take as an
example of a smart contract? We can take the application from the field
of insurance. You know if you want to take a plane ticket and your plane was
delayed and there were problems, you have to file a complaint.
Maxence: Right! Xolali: Now, through the ethereum system,
you can create smart contracts that are automatic, automated.

makes you go home, there will have been a plane delay and you will have missed your
plane instead of making your claim at the time but you will have returned, it will already be
reimbursed. And this can be applied in many areas. We
can apply it in the field of health, when we are abroad and we
have problems with health coverage, everything will be done automatically. It can be applied
in the field of music for musical contracts , in the field of real estate
for cadastres.

Which means that, ethereum, in the space of how many months, let's say
10 months, Maxence: A year?
Xolali: …not even seen that ethereum in 2016 let's say, the price was around
$10, $8, $10. Then it went up a bit and it went down again and at the very beginning
of the year, the price is at $7. And there, there are people who said to themselves, it
really is an exceptional tool. It even feels like bitcoin on steroids.
This means that it has all the advantages of bitcoin but with many
additional applications. Which means that all companies can use it, health,
real estate. I've even seen in Canada where they're trying to work that out for power
versus contracts for power in the city.

And so what makes the
capitalization in fact ethereum, it was multiplied by 57. There you go! So
you heard right, 57 that's why earlier we said 0 to 5,000
% profitability. So anyone who has invested, say, $1,000 in ethereum,
when the course was worth $7, they end up with a heck of a lot.
Maxence: Times 50 so 1,000 euros in 50,000 euros for change. There are a few people
who can have a lot more than that. Xolali: That's it! So that's
why it's an investment, an area that has huge potential actually. Me, I had
felt this potential in 2016. So, I had invested when the price was
around $14 or so. Then I sold some because I thought, I
was going to focus on bitcoin. I even regretted it because I sold too many and
I still have a few and today I don't intend to sell ethereum
because for me it's really an investment with enormous potential.
Maxence: So from the title of the video, you say thank you Xolali, but
basically did I come after the battle if I invested now?
How would there be a potential that promotes me, who is going to promise me 20%, 30% more? Why
wouldn't we come to a cap and it's going to be like bitcoin, it's
going to soar over the next few years? Xolali: So just because
ethereum has features that are similar to bitcoin.

This means that
it is over, the quantity, and also the fact that it is even more accepted than bitcoin.
You know bitcoin, they say, it's often a bit of a currency for those who are out of the
system. But there, ethereum, companies, investment funds, large
companies are interested in it since it is only a question of creating applications
which will actually help them. So it will help them save money and who
says save money, says generate more cash for companies. So inevitably
it interests them and it will continue to interest them. So today, when
we see a course that in October has about $300, we say
to ourselves, why wouldn't it be exactly the same $300 that corresponded to bitcoin in 2015 but it
could be even more.

So much, the craze for it is even stronger than bitcoin right
now. Let's say compared to this year, we may arrive at values that reach
$2,000 before the end of 2018. And this will be quite normal compa
ed to the potential of ethereum . It will be really normal if we see the values
increase. It will mean that companies have gotten in on
it and have confidence in this type of technology.
Maxence: So vis-à-vis the platform to be able to buy ethereum so
we made another video, which platform to choose to invest in bitcoin
and cryptocurrencies. Can we invest in ethereum on all platforms.
So I'm thinking of Kraken, Coinhouse, Poloniex, Bitpanda etc. etc Is it part
of the top 3 therefore to invest and which is accessible on all platforms.
Xolali: Yes, frankly ethereum as it is the 2nd largest crypto-currency,
its capitalization in dollars it is 30 billion whereas at the beginning of the year
it was much less than 1 billion.

All platforms now accept
ethereum so as you said Coinhouse, Kraken, Poloniex, Coinbase, even Blockchain
now accepts ethereum. This means that anyone who wants to invest
in it can do so without any problem. Maxence: Okay! So another question, you
say, Xolali do you deal with buy-resell regularly?
Are you interested in news in relation to ethereum or do you invest a
fixed sum every month to increase your portfolio?
Xolali: Okay! So in fact, I do both. I have recurring purchases and I
do trading.

So, Trading is really a field…
Maxence: So how do you proceed with Trading then you will tell us if you
are implementing the 25th of the month or the owl strategy like bitcoin?
Xolali: Yes. So in fact for trading, I use the platform called
Kraken which allows trading quite easily. So I can trade
when I feel there are opportunities, when there is news coming in and
I know it will push prices up. So, in fact, the field of
cryptocurrencies and especially in ethereum works a lot with the news and the improvements that are
coming in the field.

So if there is news that says, such a company is interested
in ethereum for contracts, we know very well that it will bring in cash. So, if
you trade during this period, you know that you will be…, you have a big potential to
have gains. Ditto, here we are in October and there is also an event that will take
place concerning ethereum. All traders in fact are watching and therefore
there will be opportunities for gain as well. So in fact, it works like that. And also,
we can do technical analyzes like for the stock market but really ethereum works
with news and companies that are interested in it.
Maxence: So, do you have any big brands and therefore big names to mention to us.
You mentioned in relation to insurance or even that there are many
companies that take these crypto-currencies seriously.

Do you have any names from the general public
or will this gradually fall into place? Xolali: Me, I think it's going to
fall into place little by little. In fact, there are names that say they're into it
but they're not. Maxence: But they don't dare to invest
their bits again for long. Xolali: That's it!
Maxence: When that's going to happen, boom, it's going to ignite again.
Xolali: Exactly, there are a lot of people who say… In fact for example, all the
banks, the big banks say, we are interested in ethereum. We want to see what it will give.
Companies like Dell, the IT company, but we haven't
really seen what they've done with it yet, but we really hear the big groups say
ethereum has crazy potential and what do we want to get into?
Maxence: So it will take place, yes during the course so…
Xolali: In fact, business to follow when they are going to be officially terminated.
Maxence: Okay! So do you implement the owl strategy or
the 25th of the month strategy? Xolali: Yes, for ethereum too, it
also works so on 25th as we saw in a previous video.

This is often the
period when people want to invest and suddenly I invest in it,
whether for my recurring purchases or for trading. And I put it in place but I
monitor a little more than for bitcoin since, for me, bitcoin is simpler
and ethereum. As it is… the value of ethereum is already lower, which means
that it is more easily volatile. So, this means that the price can vary much
more quickly both up and down.

So I implement these strategies but
I'm more careful than Bitcoin. It means the bitcoin I leave and I ca
n't watch. ethereum, sometimes I will monitor because sometimes news
arrives quite often and we see big variations. So it's something
that we…, strategies that we can put in place but that we still have to monitor
in fact. Maxence: Okay! So another
question you might have inside your mind, what is the difference,
can you explain between ethereum and classic ethereum? Is
there none at all? Is there a big one? Can you explain to us, there it
is, this difference if there is one vis-à-vis these cryptocurrencies?
Xolali: Actually these two cryptocurrencies are the same with the only difference;
it is that there is one that has undergone modifications. So in July 2016, exactly,
there were people who invested in an organization called DAO which
was linked to ethereum and we had hacked it.

And suddenly the person had
managed to steal, it seems to me, it was 50 million I believe. This meant that we
had two possibilities, either we accept that the person stole and therefore it's
over for us, or we make modifications in the form of what is called a fork.
So if people follow the news, we often hear about hardfork, softfork.
In fact, this means that we are making a modification to the code of the ethereum software.
And what is there is that we often say that from the moment we have made a
crypto-currency, we must not modify it because we consider that the code is
unforgeable and that is really the source that should not be touched. Except that the people who had
seen the 50 million hide it a little, disappear without saying, we will still make the modification.
And from the moment they made this modification, there are people who did
not agree and these people said, we are keeping the old ethereum without modification.
So when we hear about classic ethereum it just means it's
ethereum before we made changes to the ethereum blockchain.
Maxence: Ok, okay Xolali: It's just before and after but
it's the same thing in the end.

Maxence: Thanks for the clarification. So,
vis-à-vis the security of these ethereums, is it exactly like bitcoin
where we put these ethereums on a Ledger key, a Tresor key or there are other
systems or in however, there is no need to secure them. How to proceed ?
Xolali: It's the same actually. It's the same as Bitcoin, you can put it in
a Ledger key or even a Tresor key to secure them in the same way as Bitcoin.
Since it actually works like Bitcoin, it works with
the Bitcoin Blockchain in the end. So from the moment we have the same technology behind it, we
can secure it in the same way. Maxence: Ok, okay! Thanks for all
the details. So, if you had or if you noticed some errors in
relation to your lack of training vis-à- vis Bitcoin or ethereum, what is it?
So, wanting to do too much in the short term? Do you have a little story or a
customer who bought the opposite way and got it wrong? What are the top
two or three mistakes when people invest in crypto?
Xolali: The first mistake is to think that when, for example, if you trade
and you see your trading position in negative, you lose money.
So each time, there are people who tell me, ah I lose 500 euros, I lose 600
euros, 700 euros but in trading, it 's not that at all in fact.

is at the moment T, what is the value of the portfolio, at the moment you sell,
what is the value of your earnings. And what is it is that it is often difficult
to perceive when you see written -200, -300 that in fact we have not lost, we are
just temporarily negative. And so often what people do
is they start selling or… Maxence: Panicking or…
Xolali: Well, saying, wow I'm losing too much money so I sell. And 24 hours
or 48 hours later everything went back up. Maxence: And there they are there later…
There's a little anecdote because I don't follow the course at all and in the end
I earn more than people who are stuck 24 hours a day because I don't do
any mistake as I am not… Xolali: There you go, the strategy! Exactly !
And suddenly, this is one of the things that is really important, it is that you have to
know how to manage emotions vis-à- vis money.

I talk about it in
the training on Cryptocurrency Trading. And you have to understand that if you do
n't sell, you don't lose. If we invest for example, you have invested, so far you have
neither lost nor won. You have your value which is… Maxence: I have a positive value, yes
Xolali: That's it! Maxence: Absolutely!
Xolali: Now, to materialize this, either you make a purchase in Bitcoin, or you
resell we will say in euros and there we will say that you have earned so much in euros. So if it's
in Bitcoin, it means that you have increased your purchasing power thanks to Bitcoin.

it is in euros, it is because you have earned so many euros thanks to the sale but in the
meantime, nothing is actually happening. There ! And that's what you have to understand
as long as you haven't done anything, you haven't lost any money.
Maxence: So suddenly, at what point do you estimate to take your loss when you
are in Trading? Xolali: So it all depends on.
Maxence: So, let's take an example to make it very concise. If we have a
capital of 10,000 euros. Here is a person who has a position already at a loss of 300 euros
, do you think that it is necessary to take his loss or what is the trend
in relation to that? Xolali: Actually, we can't explain
that exactly.

Maxence: Yes if you have another much
more specific example? Xolali: Because in fact, you already have to
know what the, in finance and in trading, we call that, the risk version. That is,
the tolerance for the level of risk that we see. There are people who, when they
master the field well, they can see minus 300, minus 1,000 and then go back up.
Well, I'll take the example of a client that I have and who is called Franck Rocca,
Maxence: Ok Xolali: He entered trading right
in January, at the beginning of September, at the highest we find.
Maxence: He's a bit upset… Xolali: And then it started to drop…
Maxence: Did he put in the same amount all at once or does he put in the same amount every month?
Xolali: Yes, no there is also that which he puts in every month, and then there is trading.
And suddenly his trading position went down to minus 500, minus 1,000, minus 3,000…
Maxence: Me, I had seen it in the pockets minus 3,000 minus 4,000 but…
Xolali: That's it Maxence: He was relaxed
Xolali : Me, what I explained to him is you didn't sell, you didn't

Then, we worked to bring it up little by little to arrive
at the end, it exceeded the plus 1,000 while it was at minus 4,000. And there,
he took his gain. So in the end, as I was saying earlier, as long as you do
n't sell, you don't lose and you have to know how to manage your emotions in relation to that. That's
why we can't say minus 300 euros is a lot minus 1,000 is a
lot. Maxence: Yes it depends on the profile
of the investor Xolali: Well it depends on the profile
of the investor. There are a lot of them, if they had seen minus 1,000 euros, minus 1,500…
Maxence: Yes, total panic. I'm reselling everything, I'm screwed!
Xolali: Afterwards, you have to know that you still have to have cash in reserve
so that the trading portfolio doesn't get liquidated, because if you don't have any more cash in reserve,
they'll say, there… Maxence: Game over!
Xolali: Game over, bankruptcy and so we start from scratch.

But here it is, it is
a very important thing to understand is that when trading in crypto-currencies,
as long as we do not sell, we do not lose. And it is always temporary. And if you
follow the right strategies and the right advice, you can regularly generate good
capital gains. Maxence: Okay! Well, thank you for this feedback
and for these clarifications. So if you like the video, hit
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Xolali: So to actually start it would be the trading training called
“Bitcoin Trading Success” Maxence: Ok!
Xolali: So here I am basically explaining from A to Z how trading works in
relation to investor profiles as well.

How to make an up bet, a
down bet? How to follow the news in relation to this. And then, if people
want to go further, there, I actually created the private club where there is real
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What else ? I also share all my VIP emails
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And suddenly, it's really the product that will allow people to follow me and
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Maxence: So, if you want to invest in crypto-currencies, training, trading,
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