Earth 2’s Crypto Currency Confirmed as Essence

So, Shane has just done a big announcementcovering a lot of areas. Uh but the prime standout quality is we’re all getting an airdrop of essencewhich has since been confirmed as a crypto. Let’s look at that notice and thenI will show you the confirmation after. Now to talk more about the big rewardwe referred to announcing this month we wanted to retrospectively rewardthose who have believed in our eyesight bought shore and comprised it during our maiden year. Ina way we have already been doing this calmly with increased rate of deployment of E- ther, Essenceand Jewels but we wanted to finish with a slam! The remuneration will be a worldwide Earth 2airdrop of Essence to all existing owners. This is a true retrospective wage in that is notpromised nor publicly planned and players will not have to pay anything extra for it.We feel thesignificance of this honor will become even more apparent over period and yes, you’re right. The dropwill come about randomly over the next seven days and players will be able to see the resultsappear in their account once it is deployed. Earth 2 will release another announcementexplaining more details around the deployment which will include other matching updatesand what it all means for Earth 2 and its actors. After the edict users started spamminggeneral schmooze with « Shane is center the crypto » which did eventually get aresponse. Shane replied with « yes, well. You would not conclude thepeople we are working with on the metrics .. from staggeringly successful projects.With the plans wehave ahead the all agreed essence is the perfect fit and believe me, it is incredible how allof this is currently working. Can’t wait to share more .. I don’t usually publicity things up but we’re in theright hands and it examines incredible. So you guys best travel plane those plus two E-ther for jewels, if you’ve got some give gems laying around. As ever thanks for watching don’t forget tolike and subscribe and have an amazing day.