SHIB Just Made New MILLIONAIRES! Are You Next Shiba Inu Holder? – Explained

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ship just made new millionaires you next   chibi inu holder explained shiba inu may have been 
experiencing a massive dip in the last few weeks   of course it's not only ship but the whole crypto 
market has been under the influence of new rules   and regulation that will be implemented at the 
beginning of 2023 this is when the number of   traders have gradually begin to withdraw and 
the market is now on the verge of crashing in   this video we will talk about ship just made new 
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begin the video cryptocurrency prices are   stalling on their recovery path and so is shiba 
eno the crypto prices have been slaughtered due   to various changes in the economic and financial 
markets and since the crypto market isn't cannily   following the global stock market any financial 
and economic up evil in the global markets   is drastically affecting the price movements of 
the cryptocurrency to make matters worse investors   are gradually drawing out from the market and 
moving towards more traditional and centralized   forms of assets shihainu became a popular option 
for investment among ethereum whales when the   crypto market crashed massively at the beginning 
of 2022 but even after ship's popularity in 2021   the crypto did not acquire the support of analysts 
and experts who generally prefer investing in   other major cryptocurrencies not created out of 
means the development of ship remained stagnant   for quite some time until the market denied the 
fact that there would be any developments for   the network but finally ship developers have come 
through to fulfill investor expectations and now   we might witness some growth and development in 
its market stature the shiba inu price continued   to trend lower as trading activity on the network 
and in the crypto market had significantly   declined the decline in shiba inu's price 
momentum has considerably wiped out investors   trust in the investment and experts claimed that 
things are not looking good for the meme coin   recently shibs lead developer shito shikozama 
tweeted that the long-awaited chibarium may be   soon coming the shep community has been eagerly 
awaiting the launch of shibarium because of the   number of benefits that it'll provide especially 
for the number of profits that investors can make   the information about the launch came from a 
post by satoshi on the wellies discord server   the developer confirmed that the layer 2 solution 
will be available quite soon enough and has also   clarified any disclosure about moving into a more 
active pre-release space which has already begun   the exact details of the project have not yet 
been released still according to all the previous   claims by the developers it can be said that 
the network will provide ample facilities to   the investors and make investments more efficient 
and transparent is a work in progress blockchain   that focuses on scaling its current host 
chain ethereum the new network promises faster   transactions with lower costs and aims to become 
a development field for blockchain programmers   besides the protocol will also ensure that 
investors can access the shiba inu nft gaming and   metaverse applications the ship investors are also 
eagerly waiting for the shibarium burn mechanism   there are presently over 549 trillion ship tokens 
in circulation the only way to reduce this is to   burn existing tokens even though the burning 
procedure is on process the launch of the new   protocol will likely accelerate the growth and 
development of ships price whales have played a   huge part in shiba inu's success bluewhale0073 
often buys many ship tokens making him one of   the most prominent chip investors ethereum 
whale bluewhale0073 continues to buy massive   amounts of shiba inu even now when the market is 
seeing the top 10 and other coins prices bleeding   and their market caps melt wilstad's crypto 
tracking service focused on the largest 100   wallets on various blockchains including ethereum 
bnb polygon etc has tweeted that bluewhale0073 has   made a large shiba inu acquisition a total of 
356 billion 78 million 908 730 shiba has been   added to this crypto address evaluated 
at slightly more than 3 million dollars   the transaction took place over 14 hours ago 
earlier this month wales made at least two more   purchases of the second largest meme token ship on 
june 6 blue whale 0159 acquired 187 billion shiba   inu and on june 1st the whale added 130 billion 
419 million 267 297 shipped to this address   the former purchase was made for nearly 2 
billion and the latter was evaluated at 1 531   122 at the time of trading as the cryptocurrency 
market remains in the deep red with bitcoin   dropping to twenty two thousand five hundred 
dollars and ethereum declining to one thousand   two hundred and twenty two dollars along with the 
majority of other coins shiba inu has been growing   despite all that on monday the crypto market was 
bleeding red to the point its valuation erased the   one trillion dollar mark cryptocurrencies 
are often compared as a better safe haven   than gold which has been a traditional resort 
during steep sell-offs and stocks but now there   is a curious case of the crypto market tracking 
the bearish sentiment in global stocks according   to coin market cap real-time performance data 
the global crypto market cap nose dived by 15.28   to 944.92 billion dollars over the last day 
however in volume terms the market jumped 73.92   to 147.17 billion dollars over the past 24 hours 
the total volume in d5 is currently 10.17 billion   dollars six point ninety one percent of 
the total crypto market 24 hour volume   all stable coins are now 133.44 billion dollars or 
90.67 of the total crypto market's 24 hour volume   crypto market leader bitcoin dived to its 
lowest level in 18 months and raised the 23   000 mark bitcoin was currently around 22 926.09 
dollars down by over 18 its market cap stood at   around 436.70 billion dollars the cryptocurrency's 
dominance dipped by 1.07 percent to 46.30 percent   over the day with the latest downside bitcoin's 
weekly drop is more than 27 there are many reasons   the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a debt 
u.s lawmakers have enacted new tax reporting   provisions for crypto and other digital assets 
the new rules may be the reason that are keeping   the traders away from the crypto market while the 
whole market is under the influence of these rules   ship is also experiencing the same depth but ship 
has the potential to grow mainly because of its   upcoming burning projects shibuyinu has added 30 
000 new holders within the past month shiba inu's   burn rate has climbed consistently hitting 
a 171 percent level within the past 24 hours   chibinu investors burned about 509 million 
tokens collectively over the past weekend crypto   may be burnt for various reasons but the most 
common reason is to make the said crypto supply   scarce and appreciate its price in the market 
according to data from ship crypto   token burn rate for the past 24 hours stands 
at a negative 17.33 at 113 million ship tokens   when the shiba inu crypto token was launched 
in august 2020 it had a total supply of one   quadrillion 410.3 trillion ship tokens were 
removed from circulation a user who goes by   the twitter handle at ship underscore superstore 
which represents travis johnson's ship burn game   exercise said that amazon affiliate store has 
accepted them they intend to use about 1 to 20   percent of proceeds from the affiliate store 
to finance the share burning exercise you can   buy literally anything by using the link provided 
depending on the item between one percent and 20   percent of the purchase price will be burnt read 
the tweet from the ship superstar it should also   be reminded that in may kuzama announced in his 
medium blog the launch of the shebarium hackathon   which will accompany the release of the project 
itself still particularly diligent participants   will be rewarded for a special contribution to 
the project's development that's a wrap for today   don't forget to smash the thumbs up share and 
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