Webtalk the new social network that pays you


Important Announcement:

Webtalk is a new pre-release social network that already has 130,000 registered members and 10,000 subscribe per day at the moment.
It is also the only one who pays you for the people you register on the site.
You earn $ 1 per month per member you enter on 5 levels.
If you bring in 5 people and these people return 5 people on 5 levels, it would give:
$ 5
$ 25
$ 125
$ 625
$ 3125 a month.


But that’s not all.
The program that manages this is SociaCpx and it is free and optional and connected directly to your Webtalk account

In addition, you earn 50% of the total revenue generated by the people you brought in. It is normally the paid advertisements paid for and launched by the members you have personally returned that earn you that 50%.

Everything is managed by SocialCpx but transferred to Webtalk for simplified management.



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