mailcash24, dollarptr, fmptr, magicptr, richgoptr, genesismails are Scams Websites


First that these sites are all said sites ptr?

These sites Ptr, I prefer to avoid repeat are, the list is not exhaustive but I think you’ll recognize these clones.

Sites like mailcash24, dollarptr, fmptr, magicptr, richgoptr, genesismails are apparently to avoid.

mailcash24, dollarptr, fmptr, magicptr, richgoptr, genesismails are scams.

mailcash24, dollarptr, fmptr, magicptr, richgoptr, genesismails are scams.

Their specificity is to provide gains on reading mails or visits opened by banners found on these sites sites.

Sites like mailcash24, dollarptr, fmptr, magicptr, richgoptr, genesismails be avoided, I personally test them or rather I tested but progressively, I asked the right questions because the peculiarity of these websites mailcash24 , dollarptr, fmptr, magicptr, richgoptr, genesismails (non exhaustive list) is the earnings available to click on the link and view a website for just 30 to 45 seconds to earn $ 200 to $ 300 per site opened by a mail or on the site of Ptr is not huge?

These mailcash24 sites dollarptr, fmptr, magicptr, richgoptr, genesismails some people are after a real scam and possibly the same director and my research on the whois of each could confirm this fact.

Already, you need to understand is that even PTR sites that offer less gains by opening mails or clicks often do not pay members, although it is possible that some do, but I still testing to find and I’m still looking.

Then to return to those there mailcash24, dollarptr, fmptr, magicptr, richgoptr, genesismails the same pubs and other sites run reappear every day and doing the pub each other and almost any other site other kind appear surprising is not it?

Many comments from people who have not been paid, go in the direction of flight of money to members. (Found here and there on forums and others)

With promises big gains, the fraudulent American PTR, playing on Important minima ask for your personal gains earned cash easily and quickly achievable, you then fly by making you pay a fee to collect your winnings

Thus they rob you, put them on accounts of tax havens, but never pay you your winnings earned.

Everything is done to make you feel at mailcash24 on these sites dollarptr, fmptr, magicptr, richgoptr, genesismails.

Already, evidence of gains therein are only catch fixtures gains emails that just check to realize that they do not even exist, the goal is to make you believe that these members were paid, which is totally false and misleading.

Regularly, these mailcash24 sites dollarptr, fmptr, magicptr, richgoptr, genesismails, « sorry to repeat every time but it is a matter of Seo » rajoutent new fake payments (assembly) to believe that the site pays members .

Given the gains offered, it is almost Impossible.

Also understand that these mailcash24 sites dollarptr, fmptr, magicptr, richgoptr, genesismails offer no earnings test as for members Free (to $ 25,000), Premium Listings, whose goal is to steal you more.

There is also possibility to buy Referrals, knowing that each referral you earn 25% of the gains they make. (But you will never see).

The act of buying Referrals (even free can) then allows you to go faster at least $ 25,000 and so ask your gains faster and make you fly the transaction fee and you do not ever touch it your winnings .

Sponsorship is for the same purpose and still gives them more people to fly in the same way.

All this is really a scam that even the most similar sites, but offer much less for the same actions do not pay most of the time and do not take the long term then there those who hold them supposedly offering no investment on your part to earn between $ 200 to $ 300 per email by opening a site from 30 to 60 seconds.

Understand that we can not even understand how it all works, ask where the money comes from to pay for all those who click on the offers.

Reminder: these sites send messages and show banners offering the same offers of this kind would be the same director (Crook and thief).

When I Joined, I said, the « godfather » a proof of payment, so it has real and serious.

But without really understanding as the PTR system works, I asked, and I think the right questions.

I wondered how they could do well to pay all such members are pubs that people might pay if you had to calculate compared to what goes into the pockets of all members clicking.

These Pubs would cost millions, it is the problem and no one would pay much.

Imagine the number of subscribers who click and earn $ 200 on the same pub, wondering how well have to pay an advertiser to make it possible, the answer is there, so it’s not.

This is just a big scam and big thieves.

And icing on the cake beyond theft and non-payment of earnings and for good reason as explained above, by providing such beautiful commissions clicks, openings mails and sponsorship, they play on the naivety of people who think Gold offer deals and send them to slaughter their friends and families who will fund the account of these crooks.

Beware again of offers Ptr in general, but much more than those offering gains that defy all logic, that my various readings have awakened in me opening my eyes, although I was suspicious from the beginning where the failure to sponsor anyone.

I almost be a victim, and this message is intended only to prevent you from falling into this trap.

I think some will say, but how he could believe it was possible?

To those, I say, at the outset, we do not know everything, we do not know the things to sets including virtual and what is more evidence of payments are made for you really to believe Influencing and dreaming and when you have problems, you cling to the hope that all this to cope with the risk to add more.

These mailcash24 sites dollarptr, fmptr, magicptr, richgoptr, genesismails are the real manipulation of gender and everything is calculated to drop by mouth up to world scammed by the hope of winning big and personally, I n ‘I hired someone without having to payments made or information proving the seriousness of these sites.

So do not ever rush.

I’m the person who put forward the first drift of Club Asteria members who developed the lies and false promises and calculations for the sole purpose to scam people and to recruit a max and it was all fake , members still await earnings. Club Asteria has warned people about the false promises of gains and the club is nothing to do, I hope at the same time help people avoid the PTR that are actually real scams (scams)


(I will improve this article if I have more information but the main and most are).


5 Comments to “mailcash24, dollarptr, fmptr, magicptr, richgoptr, genesismails are Scams Websites”

  1. talha dit :

    I won two weeks in the first reward of 10,000 in the second week got Almkvah $ 10,000 and you also convert the reward on a bank of electronic Paypal. When I emailed the company and they told me I have to buy or rather I have to do I upgrade my account even filed a bonus. In 14 days if I did not have money to wait 60 days until one of the supervisors to contact me.
    I do not know the deadline to convert reward nor

  2. admin dit :

    J’ai gagné en deux semaines la première récompense de 10 000$, dans la deuxième semaine Almkvah obtenu 10.000 $ et a convertir la récompense par Paypal. Quand j’ai contacté l’entreprise, ils m’ont dit d’acheter ou plutôt de faire la mise à jour de mon compte ou même déposé un bonus. En 14 jours, si je n’avais pas d’argent à attendre 60 jours jusqu’à ce que l’un des superviseurs me contacte.
    Je ne sais pas la date limite pour convertir la récompense.

  3. admin dit :

    Bonjour Talha

    Ils ne répondent que avec un mail automatiser et ne paient pas les gains et restent ouvert avec de fausses preuves pour justement pousser un maximum de personnes à s’Inscrire et à piéger.

    En fait lors de la demande de vos gains de 10 000$, ils vous demandent de payer des Frais pour la transaction et eux encaissent ces Frais sur leur compte mais ne vous paient pas vos Gains Gagné et je ne sais pas si vous avez remarqué mais tous les sites Inscrits sont du même genres et tournent sur les mêmes sites, tous ces sites leur appartiennent et c’est avec Tous qu’ils volent les membres, ce sont de fausses publicités et de faux Gains. Personne ne Gagne d’argent à part eux.

  4. bender zoidberg dit :


    Dear member,

    we have received your payment requested!

    Free member and premium member will get earning.

    You have reach the minimum payouts ,but you are free member now and you also want to

    konw when you will get your earning?

    we will pay one free member random,and 5 premium member that they are upgrade account first per month.

    so we suggest that you can upgrade your account,it only need 166$,it is fast way to get your earning.

    it is the link to upgrade your account.

    if you have no money to upgrade your account,you can wait more than 60 days,and you should also have 10 referrals,

    you can invest your friend to join us,and do your downline.

    then reqeust payment,if you are lucky,you will get your earning.

    Payment Team Of

  5. helperman dit :

    The real goal about this website is asking you this participation.
    They take your money but don’t send you your gains.
    that is any robber and liar.

    Is they prove they paid me and without ask me this participation no logical, I Supprime my Post and propagande against the website.

    Just prove serious and it’s a big money so They are not need my participation with that.

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