Grove Token Crypto: New DEFI Green Project, Staking, Metaverse, Blockchain, Wallet and Exchange!

hey youtube this is Komet back again with another 
crypto video thanks for clicking on my video and   for all my viewers heads up i am not a financial 
advisor so please do your own research before   making any investments now the token i'm going 
to talk to you about today is called grove token   it is a token that it has yet to launch and it 
is a d5 token on the binance smart chain now if   you go to their website the pre-sale has recently 
concluded and the fair launch date is on march 1   2022. in most of my videos i like to take a look 
at the website and head over to corn market cap   and then check out bsc scan however in this 
situation we're not gonna be able to do that   because obviously the token has yet to launch 
so let's take a look at the website and the   white paper and see exactly why grove token is 
different and why they can make a difference in   the world and the crypto space alright so first 
things first all the social media links are in   the top left hand corner i believe also on the 
bottom of the website as well so take a look at   some of these if you are involved with telegram 
discord instagram etc and you want to check out   the project more in depth or if you want to talk 
to a team member you have some questions i highly   advise you to select one of these social media 
outlets that you're most comfortable with head   over there and talk to somebody from the team 
well i suppose first things first our mission   is to create wealth for all grovers by harnessing 
the opportunities of secure decentralized digital   currency in an environmentally conscious way by 
compensating nature for years of abuse grove will   create a healthier wealthier future for all 
so below our mission statement we have three   hyperlinks here we're gonna get to the white paper 
later after we finish going through the website   but if you click on the learn icon it'll take 
you over to the grove token youtube channel which   will give you a little bit of information about 
the token and some of the different features it   offers now if you click on the invest hyperlink 
it does nothing this will be active as soon as   the fair launch begins on march 1st so just in 
case you're clicking on it that's the reason why   okay let's scroll down the page we have the 
roadmap right below and see what we got going on   here so quarter one 2022 which we're in right now 
we have the launch coming up i'll say again march   1st and then obviously they want to get listed 
on coin market cap coin gecko have social media   advertising and then the contract audits now this 
is all typical usually for a project on d5 and as   for the audits i spoke with richard yesterday and 
today who was one of the team members and we'll   look at his bio a little bit later but there 
has recently been an audit through brew labs   now the contract addressed that they did audit 
just in case you want to do any research on your   own it show up on the bottom of the screen but 
i'll also put it in the details in the description   below so check that out if you want to look into 
the contract even further also something i seen   in the white paper was something about a cirte 
got it but we'll get to that in a little bit so   moving on the quarter two 2022 it states green 
energy contribution hydroponic farming renewable   energy partnerships and donations next we have 
quarter three 2022 they want to offer a service   app international partnerships play to earn 
teaser major advertising events solar panels for   residential commercial and agricultural and let's 
see moving down so the following year quarter one   2023 growth keeper wallet baking lending and major 
exchange listing so i don't see a quarter two here   and what i've seen thus far is very ambitious i'm 
assuming they allotted some time to accomplish   these goals before heading into quarter three 
so it says here for quarter three 2023 launch   event row of credit cards or of coins so going 
from a token to a coin and having their own   eco-friendly blockchain okay very very ambitious 
and then metaverse okay and let's see here quarter   one 2024 green oasis launch green energy and 
major retail partnerships before heading over to   the white paper we're going to finish this website 
but i want to kind of touch base on some of these   keywords that they use like for example green 
oasis so what is great oasis green oasis is   basically exchange so that's what they call their 
exchange so they're going to be launching exchange   quarter 1 2024.

And another major key point is 
this blockchain i can't really get over that so   they're going to be going from a token to a coin 
using their own blockchain now there's a couple   other things i want to tie together so we have 
green energy hydroponics and we have solar panels   so what does this all have to do with each other 
well part of the tokenomics we're going to get to   in the next section and part of the business 
strategy or grove token is growth business   so grove will combine real business investment 
with cryptocurrency the experienced team will be   investing one percent of every transaction in 
business shares and even establish our brands   to generate profit part of the profit will be 
used to buy growth token and burn it and the   remainder will be invested back in the business 
so as you see the theme here for growth and the   basic summary of the mission statement on top of 
the page they're trying to create an ecosystem   using green energy via cryptocurrency so most of 
you that have been in the crypto space for a while   probably already know though a way that a lot 
of cryptocurrency coins are minted are done   by cryptocurrency mining and the way to do that 
takes a crazy amount of energy to produce a small   amount of cryptocurrency now there's an article 
over here i'm gonna put this in the description   i'm not gonna read this entire thing but it 
talks about what's the environmental impact   of cryptocurrency but briefly i'm gonna read this 
real quick so energy consumption of cryptocurrency   mining the cambridge bitcoin electricity 
consumption index indicates that bitcoin   the most widely mined cryptocurrency network uses 
122.87 terawatt hours of electricity every year   more than the netherlands argentina and the uae 
a single bitcoin block may consume more than 2   000 kilowatt hours of electricity to be mined 
which equals to the amount of power consumed   by the average american household for 72.2 days a 
single ethereum block required 220 kilowatt hours   which is the same amount of power the average 
u.s household consumes in 7.44 days we're not   trying to make a comparison between ethereum 
and bitcoin but overall the energy consumption   produce a block of cryptocurrency is 
insane so here entails the solution   something like growth token who wants to support 
solar and hydroponic farming and incorporate green   energy with their blockchain so this all goes 
back to why they wanted to be on the bnb smart   chain network because nothing is required for them 
to have tokens other than contracts and functions   all the tokens live within the contract that's 
step one later on they want to partner with   blockchain technology that doesn't require mining 
so my personal opinion is something like this is   kind of the way of the future why are we spending 
so much energy and so much money trying to produce   cryptocurrency it makes no sense to me all right 
let's head down let's meet the team over here so   richard sultan is who i've been in contact with 
so we have john john and mendy as well as richard   like i already mentioned as you can see this is a 
fully docs team that has their personal uh social   media accounts below so we have some twitter 
accounts and linkedin accounts so if you want to   check them out head over to the social medias talk 
to some of the team members over there they're   going to answer any questions you may have and 
you know it's a smart move if you're making any   investment don't do it because you're listening 
to me do it because you did your own research and   it's something you feel that you want to put your 
money behind you know that's part of investing   it's not just throwing money on the wall and 
hoping something sticks you know do some research   reach out and get involved and if you are going to 
invest be a part of the community why not it's not   gonna hurt you all it's gonna do is help you all 
right let's see what we have below so the grove   okay this is kind of a hodgepodge of about all the 
different stuff that they offer so we have passive   income so three percent of every transaction uh 
will be redistributed to the holders and we'll get   to that later on with the tokenomics there's the 
anti-well system put in place that's the amount of   tokens that somebody can sell at one time and it 
also says here they can only sell once every six   hours which is really cool so if you get in later 
on the project the earlier holders don't just dump   on you let's see here so we have a buyback wallet 
so one percent of every transaction will be sent   to the buyback wall okay we'll get to that with 
tokenomics so we have a one percent auto liquidity   uh two percent for the auto burn and there's a 
description about what all this stuff means uh   let me see here marketing donations and dev three 
percent of every transaction gets reinvested which   goes to the marketing donations and death wallet 
let's see here earn the play so there is a game   that they are going to be having a collaboration 
with that you will be able to earn grove tokens   as a reward during gameplay and here we go we have 
some staking pools we all know what staking pools   are so you will be able to stake through their 
wallet which will help you increase the more you   can earn beyond reflections and then we have the 
grove keeper so the first green wallet so with   this project you're gonna have your own wallet 
your own exchange you're on blockchain so they all   kind of mesh together so basically you're doing a 
little bit of one-stop shopping green oasis like i   mentioned before this is gonna be the first green 
exchange that will reduce average fees charged   and use grove as a primary currency to trade only 
green tokens and coins what this looks like here   it's going to be a first of its kind so it's going 
to be the first exchange that will only allow   green tokens and coins on it so i can see a lot of 
bse tokens on there and possibly even tokens that   are mine like for example i'm a big fan of helium 
if you don't know what helium is i'm not going to   get into it but it's a internet of things network 
and you're able to mine from your home or your   business and the power consumption is 5 watt it's 
something very very minimal you do have to mine   but i think the total energy consumption is like 
15 cents or 12 cents a month something like that   would be really cool on here because that would 
be a way to mine as well as being green i'm really   curious to see how many future partners that 
they have on their exchange it's kind of exciting   to think about it and here we have hydroponic 
farming uh and then below grove businesses grow   business will combine real business investment 
with cryptocurrency our experienced team will   be investing one percent of every transaction in 
business shares and even establish our brands to   generate profit so any profit this business makes 
it will be used to buy growth token and burn it   and the remainder of the profit will be invested 
back into the business then we have grove here   which is basically the token and the future coin 
all right for the fun numbers so the tokenomics   we're gonna have two percent that goes into burn 
three percent goes to marketing three percent goes   to reflections one percent goes to liquidity and 
one percent goes to buy back which equals a total   ten percent tax so this should be for buying and 
selling and then below here we have a fact section   i'm not going to go over that you could check that 
out if you want to have some questions and answers   for some probably common questions and the smart 
contract address is below over here if you want to   check that out also like i said i will be posting 
it in the video and it will be in the description   well let's head over to the white paper and 
see if there is anything that i missed all   right so if you click on the white paper over 
here we have english arabic french and spanish   all right hopefully the website was all 
inclusive so i don't have to go over too much   in the white paper so the website was pretty 
descriptive so i'm just going to skim through   this i'm not going to go through the entire white 
paper it's 17 pages i urge you if you're investing   in any project and they offer a white paper or 
a light paper or whatever they want to call it   head over there read it because that's where 
you're going to get a bulk of your information   on the website they're just skimming over a lot 
of talking points just like i'm doing with this   video that's where you're gonna get all that 
information that can't be shoved on the website   one thing i wanted to mention so check this out 
so the introduction it basically tells you what   they're trying to do here and there was also a 
comparison with bitcoin about the mining energy   consumption and the environmental consequences due 
to that and right here grove tokens vision is to   become the number one global green payment 
system the grove green plan will focus on   the future of eco blockchain technologies while 
creating a healthier and wealthier world for all   by delivering a digital currency free of mining 
so you can have the confidence of knowing you are   part of the eco-friendly future okay so grove 
token combines an australian-based investment   company with cryptocurrency awesome very good and 
has a little bit of a breakdown over here about   the growth wallet staking and the grope token my 
entire video probably could be summed up right on   this introduction i probably should have just read 
that right here's a little bit more about the team   pretty much the same information that you could 
find on a website i'm not going to go over that   another important thing i did see here in 
3.1 investment portfolio and acquisitions   i would highly advise you to read all through 
this i already did it for you it talks about   solar farming and energy hydroponic farming etc 
but i want to mention this our long-term goal   focuses on technology that will reduce emissions 
and create jobs as such grove will reinvest a   portion of all transactions into the green 
industries and corporations establishing our   brand and generating returns for stakeholders so 
we kind of seen that on the website but i always   want to reiterate the fact that they're investing 
into businesses as well as reinvesting into growth   all right so we have a little section here about 
donations i think we all know what donations are   and then a little bit about the digital wallet 
why is this wallet different than other crypto   wallets less energy is used with instantaneous 
transactions lower energy wattage with no mining   100 secure ecosystem and then the dividends will 
be paid to the holders yeah a lot of this stuff we   went over why they chose buying a smart chain and 
they're basically using a contract so the tokens   within the contract you don't have to mine for the 
tokens so they're already green right now here's   what i mentioned earlier about cirtec i knew 
i read it somewhere so grove token network is   currently under review with brewlabs actually that 
was completed as of today or last night sometime   so that's completely 100 done after launch grope 
token audit will also be conducted by syrtec which   you should probably know that name that's kind 
of the gold standard of audits if you're going to   get in the crypto space you can't really get any 
better than certic all right so we got tokenomics   a little write up about dao and the road map 
yep that's about it honestly what we see on the   website pretty much hit the nail on the head but i 
don't want to keep something like a broken record   i'd highly invite you to check out the white paper 
it's more in depth it's a lot more detailed so   yeah that's about it there's a lot of information 
you know even if you look at this website the   website's not really that big but there's a 
ton of information to talk about uh i mean   you know just highlighting you know growth token 
utilities growth token keeper wallet service app   retail integration green oasis exchange i mean 
that's a lot of utilities right there you know   blockchain technology gaming i'm sure there's 
nfts if metaverse is involved then you have   growth business hydroponic farming solar farming 
varieties shares businesses pay back the token in   form of marketing and buy back and burn i mean 
there's a lot of things here and really i want   to save a lot more for the next video i'm hoping 
if you guys like this video comment down below   let me know because i do want to do a follow-up 
video if you don't then i won't but if you   if i get enough requests for it i will do a 
follow-up video i like to do one especially   either right before launch or right after or 
maybe both let's see but yeah let me know down   below what you think about the project is this 
something you're interested in is this something   you're going to want to buy on day one in my 
opinion if it is something you're interested   in like i said earlier in the video march 1st 
2022 fair launch and for more information on that   and all things grove token check out their 
social media links and if you're on on the   right time of the day you might catch me on 
their telegram all right gang that wraps it   up i really appreciate you and your time and 
like always take care and have a blessed day you