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we're trying to meet people where they're at we're 
trying to meet people where they're at and make   this again better than what they're in like and 
admittedly it's a very low bar which is actually   hilarious about it is that just just again 
retirement accounts as they are don't inspire   confidence okay and we're going to continue doing 
more and more things more and more things to make   choice than just so obvious slam dunk choice 
in the retirement category for bitcoiners   welcome back everybody to altcoin daily today 
we are joined with friend of the channel   product market lead and bitcoin lead at choice 
a retirement and ira company brian harrington   today is going to tell us all about why save 
for your in your retirement account ynra and   specifically wide choice it's one of the best in 
the game a lot of people you know don't know that   they can take advantage of this so this is what 
we're talking about today smash the like button   brian how are you doing today what's 
up guys good to be here good to be here   um yeah so iras iras 401ks the whole point 
of them is to like not have to pay taxes on   all of the like labor that you um you know do 
at your job so there's an american hero his   name is william roth he was a senator and he's 
the one that originally came up with this whole   concept of the roth ira okay and it it's for six 
thousand dollars a year you put it in after taxes   and then that money is able to just grow tax-free 
and you can take it out when you turn 59 and a   half there's no taxes on it okay and his whole 
mission was to just like help americans keep   more of what they make because we all go to work 
every day we all do our proof of work we get paid   and then we store our labor into the future 
and so these accounts i we talked about this   a lot internally at choice about saying like tax 
advantaged accounts instead of retirement accounts   because as i think we'll get into and as 
i want to just be really transparent about   like the words retirement accounts honestly 
don't make very many people feel very good   like they're they have a giant problem like 
they're just not they're not interesting they   don't inspire confidence and it just like is 
a very ambiguous thing that like old people   like i feel frustrated by them young people feel 
frustrated by them so i think we should just be   super honest about that and talk about you know 
what the problems are and how we're fixing it   i think it's intimidating for people especially 
people who are younger that they don't know how   easy it is to set up an ira or a retirement 
account through choice they don't understand   the benefits you know one of many and we'll get 
into all the benefits of choice and what choice   specializes in i mean one of many is that you can 
you know trade altcoins or crypto currencies with   no capital gains you can you know you can have 
them in your ira you can trade them for bitcoin   not paying any of those taxes right right no 
exactly and people need to understand this that   like i so i like iras bitcoin crypto inside iras 
are not replacing anything you're already doing   it's an addition to everything you're already 
doing like if you're already sitting here   like at altcoin daily when you watch these 
guys every day as i do and i hit the thumbs   up every day as you're already doing that you're 
already out there crushing it so we're not trying   to replace anything you're already doing we're 
trying to add on to it and make you more robust   moving into the future like when i really think 
about this like i have i have kyc bitcoin i have   non kyc bitcoin i have lightning channel bitcoin 
i have liquid network bitcoin i have bitcoin in my   ira i have bitcoin on a cold card i have bitcoin 
like i think about different stacks for different   things and i think about trying everything across 
the entire spectrum and so that's exactly it like   we're trying to to me this is very is super 
obvious to everyone i've talked to i'm very   like bitcoin versus fiat like that is just i think 
that the just like thing of our time okay just   the most giant thing to think about and talk about 
and so i don't want to see underutilized like fiat   stuck in these accounts not doing things that more 
productive things that people have found out about   with cryptocurrency with bitcoin and so that's 
what we're solving you can transfer and roll over   from these accounts so if you have money stuck at 
schwab second td ameritrade second fidelity second   xyz bank and you don't even know what kind of fund 
that it's in you can transfer these over and then   exactly um as i said like you can get into bitcoin 
get into all coins and not be paying taxes on it   right right if you have uh different retirement 
iras from different jobs or different 408   401ks rather just a bunch of different ones from 
different jobs you can easily roll them over to   choice you guys make it easy i do want to just 
say for the folks at home as we get into the kind   of differentiators you know why we like choice 
anybody's welcome to find out more information   and use uh the link in the description to find 
out more about choice and set up your account   um choice is a bitcoin centric company built for 
bitcoiners by bitcoiners and from bitcoiners which   is pretty cool um but also they have some of the 
you know most digital assets most cryptocurrencies   that you can uh you know add to your choice 
account and you know hold or trade like just   for instance i mean there's a whole list there's 
ave cardano cosmos uh dogecoin polkadot ethereum   chain link uh z cash you're in finance i mean like 
would you want to hold dogecoin in your uh in your   retirement account i don't think so i think you 
know better to be conservative and stick with   bitcoin maybe a few others but you can trade them 
and that's a huge differentiator just fyi that if   you're in these cryptocurrencies already you can 
start trading them tax-free and you know holding   them in a retirement account i just wanted to 
say that yeah no thank you like thanks for um   yeah shooting off the list like we have a very 
active um discord channel too and so you can   come and like talk to people about like whatever 
um crypto that we have on the list that you're   interested in or if there's ones that um you know 
you want to see like we're trying to meet people   where they're at we're trying to meet people where 
they're at and make this again better than what   they're in like and admittedly it's a very low bar 
which is actually hilarious about it is that just   just again retirement accounts as they are 
don't inspire confidence okay and we're going   to continue doing more and more things more and 
more things to make choice that just so obvious   slam dunk choice in the retirement category for 
bitcoiners and so other ways we're doing that   like we came out with wrath links like i know 
that's just standard for like all like crypto   apps and all bitcoin apps and so we're doing 
that 50 bucks you get paid 50 bucks your friend   gets paid 50 bucks for making their retirement 
account for pulling them out of the legacy system   this is uh okay all coin daily like exclusive i 
don't know exactly how fast we'll get this posted   okay but like choice is coming out with daily 
sats rewards like for interacting with choice   app okay and so that's just that by just making 
the decision to have a choice account instead of a   legacy ira 401k account you're getting paid daily 
sats daily rewards and that's again the way that   we're just trying to meet people where they're 
at and make this such a more positive experience   than they're used to we have um three different 
ways to custody bitcoin we can talk about each of   those ways and again it's like very accustomed 
to whatever kind of bitcoiner you are going   further on that could you kind of talk about like 
what makes a bad crypto ira and why choice and   there's a few others that are good ones because 
my research there's a lot of crypto iras out there   that charge outrageous fees that are just taking 
advantage of the nascent space could you talk   about the bad ones versus the good ones and more 
choices yeah so i like we're not just sprinkling   crypto on okay we're not just like an ira 401k 
company and we're just like sprinkling it on   and we all know that again if we're here on 
this channel like we're very hyper online like   we're very doing great research you know you you 
know and can spot providers that are just like   sprinkling on and kind of just trying to ride the 
crypto wit like that's not what we're interested   in like i talk a lot about the just circular 
economy and like i'm like thinking 20 years down   the line like 30 years down the line i want to see 
like retirees rolling off these accounts and then   like rolling stats through like btc pay server in 
el salvador okay like that's very where my brain   goes all the time or i've said on the channel last 
time too like if if i'm doing my job right like my   son never opens a bank account okay we're plugging 
all the holes on each of these things this is not   like we're not like just the legacy company that's 
like pivoting to you know go ahead and do this and   so that is just kind of the main thing i would say 
of like really check on that and then the i think   the cus i think the custody options the wrestlings 
and the like daily stats rewards are the biggest   ways we just put our you know sats where our mouth 
is on like being the best place for people to   make use of their retirement accounts and so 
the custody for sure so you look we have a no   annual fee plan okay so if you want to hold 
your bitcoin inside our like lending product   that'll subsidize your custody fee and you won't 
pay any custody all crypto trades are always one   percent so all crypto trades are just always one 
percent across the whole board but on the custody   side we have a no no fee custody plan okay and 
we're working on tweaking that to pass along   um a little bit of the money earned to the 
customer also and so that is like very much an   active development so it's gonna go from no annual 
fee to like paying you also on that um we then   have an up stepped up custody of fidelity digital 
asset custody so if you want the like uh main way   the like institutions and just kind of like beefed 
up um security you can pay for that and that comes   out to 0.083 per month of your like last 30 day 
balance so it comes out to one percent of your   annual balance but it's billed monthly which is 
why i like saying that 0.083 um and then finally   we also have hold your own keys and we have self 
custody okay and so this is like very important   like i agree with all the bitcoiners that talk 
about like the you know holding bitcoin in your   own wallet is super powerful and it's a lot like 
and name of the game and game and so we do allow   people to do that that comes with a um it's a 
500 one-time setup and it's 10 bucks a month   so that's the cost for hold your own keys and you 
currently what you do is as you make your account   we're on iphone and we're on web right now so we 
have android coming in beginning of next year but   if you sign up through the iphone app or through 
the web app you're you're greeted with like hey   what kind of ira do you want to set up traditional 
or roth and then you're greeted with hey what kind   of custody plan do you want and that's where you 
can select the no annual fee the fidelity digital   asset or the hold your own keys um pro tip pro 
tip for people you can switch okay and so like   obviously do your own risk research pick whichever 
one you want what i like to tell people is you can   switch and so if you want to be in that no annual 
fee like while you're getting set up and then like   switch to a different one later um it's not like 
that is definitely something you can do so i just   want people to be aware of that um those options 
so that's that's like a blah of the secret sauce   so just to review real quick some of those things 
we've gone over in no particular order um choice   has way more cryptocurrency options than a 
lot of the competition choices fees are a   lot cheaper than the competition and there's no 
annual fee option cheaper standard i'd say one   percent is yeah standard decision i mean because 
some people overcharge a lot of people overcharge   a few different custody options including holding 
your own keys um of course you get the fifty   dollars if you use the uh link in the description 
and you can start referring people um and then   just as we're listing them what else did we go 
over and the daily stats rewards and that's like   very very fresh like that's super fresh the people 
watching this right now um it's so we're coming   out with a new if people have seen uh the price is 
right you're gonna like really um see the feature   and really enjoy the feature and so it's it's 
saks rewards sats rewards every day for just   interacting with your savings and hopefully this 
just makes you think more about it like something   what i love the most about just bitcoiners and 
bitcoin youtube and just bitcoin twitter is   the amount of just high agency people that are 
thinking about the future and thinking about   tomorrow and making it better like making their 
personal life better and then making society   life better and so in a small small way we 
are paying you to like open this app and   think about the future think about the future 
tell your friends about the future and that's   i think really really powerful so what is that 
process like for somebody who's interested and   you know obviously they click the link in the in 
below they want to get that 50 bonus but after   that you know what's like the process like for for 
somebody you know signing up for this yeah so that   link um that link should be a smart link if you 
open it on your iphone it should take you right   to the app store and you should be right into the 
flow if you're on a desktop then it'll take you   right to our web app um and then you're discreet 
with the application and the whole the whole goal   of the iphone app is for it to be as easy to open 
up a like regular exchange as it is again to open   up an ira account like in these things and then 
and then what you do is we have in-app transfers   so you scroll to the bot once you're through the 
account setup process which again you just choose   your type of ira choose which custody option 
you want but then once you're to that plan you   can hook up your bank account this is another pro 
tip just because transfers can take a little bit   of a time because you're dealing with the legacy 
world like you're how we're having to plug into   the legacy world and literally pull your money 
out of there okay and so so that you're not like   staring at a zero i would hook up your plaid and i 
would throw in 50 bucks throw in 100 bucks like do   whatever like do whatever you want to do 10 bucks 
and just get that process going um so that you   can like feel momentum in your account but then 
you just scroll to the bottom you click on start   rollover or transfer and that'll take you right to 
the transfer rollover form where you put in all of   your information from your old provider and that 
lets our team be off the races you know saving   saving your money like all of october didn't even 
hit this yet all of october we're just doing the   zombie theme and we're capping it off with a um 
halloween party out at the phoenix meetup but   that's this whole thing like you want people to 
have this in their head of like the like don't be   a zombie like don't let your retirement accounts 
be a zombie and this actually is very serious   because there's like there's missing 401k funds 
like there's people that are so disenfranchised   with their other providers that when they switch 
jobs they don't even take it anywhere and don't   take it anywhere and it just sits it just sits 
and sits and sits and gets like the annual fee   just like we'll draw down the account and 
you just like watch your like balance from   your like old company you don't even like don't 
even remember it because these these like that's   how bad the retirement crisis crisis is and how 
many people just are not inspired and so that um   that makes me angry actually like actually and 
it just uh because it shouldn't be like that   like that that was money that you decided to 
take out of your paycheck and put into these   401k plans you know again trying to like do the 
right thing like your mom and dad totally doing   all this stuff and then uh for it to just sit 
there um because there's no better options for   it and because you don't know about like 
like choice app yet honestly uh it's sad   you know what's crazy it's like 401k there's 
cash in there people forget about it if there   was bitcoin in there i don't think people would be 
forgetting about that no no hey talk to me about   these meetups like lay it out as if i've never 
heard it before what are the deets yeah so um   meetups in general i just want to really 
encourage people to meet with bitcoiners in   real life because you like your brain is different 
like you see the future like differently now and   for me personally i've experienced like 
meeting a lot of great friends and really   honestly being more optimistic about the future 
when i meet up and talk to bitcoiners in person   so um the next one if you're in well number 
one they're across the whole country so   they're almost in any state so my dms are open on 
twitter if you don't aren't sure where yours is   you can message me and i can probably find one 
in your state um the one one's most of top of   mind for me today is we're throwing a halloween 
party in um in phoenix at the phoenix meetup so   if you just google phoenix bitcoiners um or 
phoenix bitcoin network uh arizona bitcoin   network that will come up arizona bitcoin network 
halloween party and i'll tweet this out again too   um but yeah just come we just hang out um 
you know drinks are on us for the night and   it's a great time and then i would really and then 
suffer all of the kind of like west coast people   we this is the second year in a row we're doing 
this but we're throwing a christmas party that's   for all the meetups in all of california arizona 
um and nevada and the goal of that is because i   want people to feel like they're part of something 
bigger so in the same way we're talking about   choice app and wanting people to feel like they're 
a part of something bigger and feel like they can   have optimism for the future and just be putting 
you know previously you know dead fiat to work   i want people to feel this at a grassroots level 
that they're like bitcoin is taking ground um   you guys cover the news every day like every 
day and it's it's almost funny that when you   see it every day you become um just used to it 
like all the headlines all the headlines but i   really want to use the christmas party for like 
real people in a real room to be like there's a   lot of people from across california that are like 
really thinking about this um and it's materially   changing their lives like i've seen i've seen 
there's another thing that meetups help couples   like if one partner is like into bitcoin one isn't 
yet showing up and talking to other real people   that are doing this um and and double bonus if 
you're like at a bar or a restaurant or something   like takes bitcoin because showing that in real 
life that there's other people and then showing   the transaction honestly really like makes it 
click home for a lot of people i uh i agree with   you you know regarding the news every day you 
know it's easy to not realize you know how much   momentum is just being built and how different it 
is you know today compared to a year ago compared   to four years ago but just uh real quick regarding 
those two specific meetups you mentioned if people   want to get the information they can always 
go to your twitter links in the description yes but um there's one in arizona um 
near halloween and there's one where near hold on it's taking me a second to get my calendar 
but i have it now okay uh october 26th october   26th it's called linger longer lounge um in 
phoenix and that one is where the halloween party   is and then the christmas party is december 9th 
and that's in costa mesa and everyone is invited   from from anywhere like if you're across the 
country and you want to come to this we absolutely   want you to come but it's hyper hyper specific 
on california arizona and nevada because i really   want that region to um just really feel and like 
know each other and so december 9th costa mesa   october 26th phoenix and you must be a fan of 
bitcoin don't show up if you don't like bitcoin   these are you know bitcoin people excited about 
bitcoin that's why i like to go anyway let's   keep going with choice but we like but we like 
maximal issues too i just want to put that there   like there's a very maximum maximal ish right is 
that still a thing do people say that sure sure   so it's like people like bitcoin but also yeah 
yeah yeah very inclusive but yeah anyways gotta   be focused gotta be focused on bitcoin anyways 
um let's bring it back to choice what else can   we talk about did we want to touch on the zombie 
accounts a little bit more because that's a big   promotion yeah yeah so in the month of october we 
had a goal to get 21 million dollars out of the   legacy world out of these accounts that are being 
underutilized and we're already over halfway there   so we're on target for that and so that feels good 
like that feels good to be making like a material   impact um on the issue and the the wrestlings 
are helping the 50 dollar bonus is helping the   like daily stats rewards are helping 
and so that's like let me say a few so   that's where if even if retirement accounts don't 
excite you like the reason why it should excite   you is because again it's like plugging this whole 
of these underutilized accounts and so bitcoin has   already like it's fixing checking accounts like 
lightning network is fixing checking accounts like   hardware wallets are fixing savings accounts like 
we're solving all these issues like bitcoin fixes   this is so real and so you should dis desire and 
like want to see this like retirement crisis fixed   and because we're purpose built to force outflows 
out of the legacy custodians something that super   frustrates me is that these legacy custodians 
you know they come out their press releases and   you guys cover it in the news where it's like 
oh they're like coming out with bitcoin access   and then you just like read read read it all the 
way down and it's like for private wealth clients   and i'm like dude that again like makes me very 
angry that is super frustrating because like i'm   like dude right here on the wall like this is why 
i'm in bitcoin this is why i'm in bitcoin and so   when they've released these press releases that 
are like oh if you're a private wealth client you   can buy bitcoin but i don't understand why you're 
not turning this on for your regular clients and   to be super like so i knew about choice for a full 
year before i joined um and something that made me   drag my feet of getting my roth stack started was 
because i thought that the other custodians would   just turn this on i just thought like oh like 
they're you know they've you know been doing this   been toying around toying around like they're just 
gonna turn this on you know maybe i don't have to   go through the work you know of doing my transfer 
that's wrong like i was naive on that i was naive   on that i didn't i didn't see the trend yet of 
only turning it on for the private wealth clients   and so um that is what we're fixing our purpose 
built to cause outflows um from these things   um so i have the do you want to hear some 
retirement stats it'll inspire anything okay   so like 38 of americans 18 to 29 have zero 
saved for retirement and these are stats   from the federal reserve like our actual federal 
reserve like okay and then the median savings for   an american 55 to 64.

So heading into retirement 
heading into retirement 120 000 that's not good   on either end of those spectrums okay and so 
choice accounts currently we see a bump in two   categories and those are both the categories it's 
kind of like the like stereotypical like crypto   crowd you know like late 20s early 30s or whatever 
um and then this other crowd of the like you know   getting close to retirement getting very serious 
like about these things and it's either you're   stuck on zero in retirement because again i think 
we all have a bad taste in our mouth from like   the 08 crisis and just like things like this and 
not wanting to tie our money up because the world   is changing so fast and then you have people that 
are behind in their um retirement account because   the you know and do running those like real 
retirement numbers of hey if i'm drawing x   amount per year this is like not this runway 
does not look good and so those that's um   that's two like those are two issues and other 
custodians are not solving that like you can't   you can't solve that um without the tools that 
like we're building um into into choice app   it's like like when i got into bitcoin like it 
changes the way you think about money you know   delayed gratification you know savings account our 
arrays were specifically created by the government   to encourage people to save so there's a lot 
of like middle ground in that venn diagram of   all right how do we get people to save 
for the retirement well i'd rather do it   in a you know an asset that's hard capped um that 
i can self-custody so i think there's a lot of   you know middle ground for both parties 
there totally no totally and i think um we all like we all get orange filled at a 
different time and so if you got orange felt   after you had worked at a few different jobs and 
you had one of these zombie accounts that you may   have forgotten about that's like totally normal 
but now you know that there's tools available   that can make that um like be more productive cool 
so as we're wrapping up this interview i feel like   we answered a lot of you know big questions around 
choice and ras i hope you know people are getting   value from this video comment below your thoughts 
uh you know visit choice yourself with the link or   follow brian harrington on twitter um you know 
what else what else we want to talk about brian   as we're you know finishing this out i think that 
just continue the conversation like that's that's   what i love most about like what i love most about 
your guys channel and i'm thankful to be here like   every time is i think you are i think you are 
leaders and i think the people that watch this   um are just in the right place and so like talk to 
me talk to my i'm brain harrington on twitter and   yeah you can ask me any questions about it we 
have a discord channel i might try to get you   a link to our discord channel also because 
that's a really good place to hang out um   and there's a random thought to end on but i just 
was thinking about this this weekend oh because i   so i started the tick tock account i started the 
tick tock account and i was thinking about this   this weekend like influencers i think can be 
kind of cheesy sometimes like we can kind of   start to roll our eyes at it just like just 
the day to day of like um thinking about it   and watching people on the internet but i 
was like watching these gardening channels   and i was like really like learning like real 
information it was like really changing the way   my brain was working and i was like this person 
taking the time to put this on the internet like   matters like that matters no matter how cheesy 
that is to like maybe their friends or whatever   or how cheesy they felt while they were doing at 
the same time but i was like i'm getting like i'm   a real human getting real value out of that and so 
i like just want to acknowledge that like i think   there's like real i'm i just want to acknowledge 
that to people here like i'm there's real humans   on the other side of the internet and i'm there 
like in so many other niches and so it feels cool   to be able to just talk in depth about like 
bitcoin in this like one specific thing and   i hope this can help you like i hope this can 
help you this isn't like it's not about me like   it you know it's a little bit about choice app but 
it's not even about choice app like this is about   like physically you and if you're all the 
way to the end of this video right now   like that matters okay so you know talk to me talk 
to these guys and like let's like continue to like   make the world a better place as like sometimes 
funny and cheesy as that is gardening talk i'll   have to check that out yeah you have to you have 
to yo but i love the final thoughts let's continue   the conversation down below in the comment section 
brian thanks for joining us man yeah cool guys