Crypto Market Leaks – Next 100x ALTCOIN Projects

hey guys what is my next 100 x projectnow i’ve done various of them in this market and i think there’s a lot of is necessary to doseveral more and we’re going to be looking at some projects that really have launched whichhave a lot of potential for doing multi x incomes as well as where is bitcoin going has this been abounce should we be looking for more what type of factors would see someone even more bullish anddo you think that institutional coin is coming in i did tell you guys about google i’m sureapple’s coming we’re gonna look at a lot of that substance and we’re gonna get started now butbefore we do that you do me one immediate praise and you crush on a like hit on the subscribe andmash up that buzzer and i’ll told you in a second all right everyone let’s look at bitcoin first andsee how she’s been reacting and i actually like the space it’s greeted so i talked about this justthe other day about how he had to kind of flip that 21 epoch may it really made me feel like don’treally like where it’s at now we’re gonna we kind of flip that and uh we’re pressing up againstthis tent and i imply all the signs are optimistic here i mean we’re where chico’s buoyant we had abullish tk cross the tenkan’s above the kijin sin we’re with the shadow all this watches good on thedaily time frame it’s had a nice little eject from recovery right off the kijun which i talkedabout in the past this kijun bounced last age um we could see this bounce again and push muchhigher so we’re looking pretty good on bitcoin doesn’t look bad at all and then ethereum had alsoa bounce but i don’t like it as much simply because we’re still below this 21 daylight may we’re below theuh 10 k as well if we get above those i’m feeling pretty good about that so bitcoin dominance stilldropping off a little bit at a time which is good for alts and we’ve been seeing that in theold improvement as it’s now bursting above the tenkin and proceeding relatively bullish we likewise see thatbitcoin uh as a whole with the whole entire market is make that kind of simultaneously but justbeing held down so far so we have to wait and see how the daily closes and then we’llget a good idea of where it’s actually going the one that i’ve been really optimistic on for quitesome time and told you guys about pull it will draw it down it’s a magnet is bnb i mean i’vetalked about bmb way acces back at twenty dollars then again thirty four dollars i believe thirtyfive dollars i make now it’s over at like 250 and parties like oh is it done i’m like no i don’tthink so had a nice regression right bounced off there having a good action we broke the downtrend here right which « youve seen » clearly where is it departing next probably much higher cankind of see that with our fibonacci expansion so we’ll draw it out and we’ll exactly various kinds of find alow to a high point so if we do another 6618 where it’s thousand dollar but um we’re looking at morein the in the midterm say that we’re looking to break and go towards the one six one eight thisthis zone so we’ll kind of zone this off it’s like a lot of parties to be told like oh we’re going togo to certain areas let’s zone it off so you guys can see if we got to get right it’s the best waybut yeah we could see a 500 bnb so it sounds crazy i make it voiced crazy when we were when we hada 30 b b but uh 500 bucks is only doubling up so it’s a very possible you know nice little quick2x so that’s what you should be looking at for bnb and now guys we’re going to go time a immediate wordfrom our patrons who you enjoy so much hey i bring in my phone and my phone will work i don’tknow why i plug in the wall i plug in the phone i change the thingy like this it doesn’t do anythingis it crazy hello you did not even know this sir it says right there on the plug it says rightvoltage you plugging 110 in the voltage is 65 now it’ s not working your telephone blow up you cannotbe angry at me you didn’t « ve been told » your phone is for this country so i did not know it’s all yourfault you beach all right people so i’ve talked about exertion network sign before i was saying thatyes we got to look for that it’s a a good buy the dip opportunity and it has proven to be so and wesaw that on bitcoin i was talking about this like things just yesterday saying yeah it’s reallycoiling up right here it looks really good and uh yeah from yesterday when i was talking aboutthat we were really not even broken out at all we’ve done a 24 move so if you got in that greatgood job guys and we’re experience extracts starting to get above that 21 ema it’s looking better andbetter so let’s uh save our eyes on it as well now icx has been that one that i talkedabout and everyone was like i don’t know it’s you know it’s got a long way up to go andi’m like exactly it’s got a long way up to go so we bought it way down here and it’s been pushingnicely and red-hot neat and high come that pull back to this kijun and let’s see it’s had a nice littlebounce so far and icx has a lot of bullish stuff coming from them so you better keep your eyes onit all right now let’s look at some projects that are newly launched like nap so darks launchit is a synthetic on blockchain activity it’s done unusually extremely well and i don’t think thisis going to stop for quite some time shadows is a pretty fairly optimistic polka dot for syntheticsand i mean we’ve all construe what synthetics has done i’m feeling pretty good on darks and i thinkthat i was tall i was talking about yesterday prognosi bottomed out around 1.30.40 and if you hadlistened well you’ve done quite pretty darn well i don’t think that stops here it’s still tooearly still a low-toned busines ceiling still low liquidity so there’s a lot of opportunity thereanother one with lots of opportunity which is looking to finally break out it’s trying issuper so super merely needs some type of news or liberate and here i am thinking one will come soon the reasonwhy i think that is well elio’s been very quiet and generally when people are very quiet forsome time when they’re generally talking about their project or something they’re brewing upsomething in the back office you know what i mean and i have this really strong keen feelingthat we’re going to see something from super peculiarly because there’s a face on ontokens for parties now so there’s no real brand-new cadre persuade coming in so it could be prettyinteresting ordinarily keep your eyes on chaps it was union union i talked about weight on now andi said it was going to break out this height we should watch for it that was this stage right herewe broke that rank and now we’re starting to go into this you know toll disclosure height and i’mi’m watching uniting croaking um this is gonna be a very interesting one to watch now looking at mintpeople are like oh it hasn’t done so well blah blah and i’m like listen spirit has remained in a nicelittle wander right and what i can see here is this that this is a project that has a like a verylittle amount of cell influence because there’s a three month lock on all private auction so rightnow it’s just like world markets figuring itself out you know disappearing a bit sideways for a bit and thenwe’re gonna check mint move because like it’s gonna be sitting there with no cadre pressureso another project which could obviously be a good one to keep your eye on which you cansee is not really mooned more and surely could have some of that happening one of those ones youmight wanna keep your eyes jolly peeled for and now not to definitely sounds like a flog a dead horse oranything but phoenix though guys i’m telling you you know me fenexflo i’m just gonna say that thosewho know me and know what i’m talking about those people who could understand this enigmatic messagei’m sending you phoenix though be patient with it it will be very very rewarding for people who arevery patient with it that’s all i can really say i have bought a very large amount of phoenix flowvery large amount okay so keep your eyes on it so that you don’t miss it severely hey guysnow real real quick a word for my sponsors you guys ever have remotes that you find in yourhouse and you have no idea what the hell they do well welcome to my world these remotes dosomething and you know how we catch out we don’t we’re mortals we’re spouses and you know what wedo best good-for-nothing just like our partners will tell us what’s their threat opening far you’re like nothingi don’t even know let’s see it in our programme that i think is one of those ones that should stayon the highlight reel that you should not forget about is sfi now they’ve had a huge amount ofgrowth and they haven’t even let out any of their important report that i know that they’re waitingon and telling out so basically what i’m saying is if you don’t have any and yes it’s expensiveyeah it’s two thousand five hundred dollars but was wi-fi too expensive at two thousand fivehundred dollars was it then when it’s a twenty magnificent was it too costly then right when itwas 40 thousand dollars was too expensive then i don’t think it’s too late to have a little bitof exposure in the sfi so keep your eyes on it now a project that is launching today unido nowi’ve been talking about this for a while i said i want to touched 10 000 gab followers what would ido i would tell you my bitcoin this was the coin so unido i think it’s going to be huge alli got to say poker starter today get in it if you can alright it’s hot boss i’m youdab how is our yield doing how’s our channel patrons doing so we’re going to look at myaccount symmetry and what’s new on furnish app that maybe you did not notice hitherto so let’s gothrough that first account balance gaping enormous portfolio a lot bigger what’s going on therewell if you didn’t notice they now have an eth fund that you can put your eth into so that openedup exactly just today i believe and now you can go on to your furnish app and you can actuallydeposit ethereum right into your pouch and get 10 on your ethereum per year the east fund i’vethrown you know 32 ethan i’m like all right let’s see how it does 10 pretty good better thannexo better than celsius i’ll take it surely so throw some eath in there throw you know myusdc my usdt and got my wildly group earnings right there and chilling now my wallet you cansee all of that liberty that i have some usdc some unsct my wildes all sitting in there and my ethis now inside of my portfolio delicately vested and if i just wanted to uninvest or de-invest if you say youcan simply click all and exchange and get my ethereum back so take it from me identify for yourself how easyit is to merely devote your eth do ten percent apy on that ethereum you know get your 10 onyour yld you’re 10 on usdt you’re 10 on usdc and uh you’re weldy so that’s all you got to doleave your wild in your purse and put your money to work for you why not so and even better thannexo and celsius at 10 how could « youve been » go wrong you tell me what you think about that yieldapp right now so the questions that you had were answered hopefully if they weren’t leave a commentdown below and let me know what wasn’t answered also if you guys felt evaluate in this video and thevideos that i do the road you can support me is by readily simply clicking on the like and subscribeand the buzzer so you don’t miss any of the videos that i do and retain the more mentions that youleave the more likes the more love the more i’m gonna bring out in crypto because i love givingback to you guys the ones who are here and loyal adherents alright so i’ll see you guys tomorrowmy video on up and up-and-comers should be out soon keep your eyes rind for that one becausethese are the ones that haven’t mooned actually more but have a huge huge potential to goway way higher than they are right now vast vacuum