has the crypto bull run started crypto markets have moved up significantly over the last two days prices of several crypto tokens have also increased bitcoin climbed to its highest point in over a month searching over 22 dollars several altcoins have managed to outperform bitcoin in the last few days with polygon network's matic token leading the charts manic jumped over 66 percent after disney selected polygon as part of its 2022 accelerator program ethereum has also climbed to over 1500 the surging crypto prices give the impression that a crypto bull run has started or that crypto winter may be cut short if the uptrend continues for another two to three weeks however crypto experts believe it may be too early to claim the bull run has started but it would be very interesting for you to know in advance which cryptos are going to outperform in the coming bull run and in this video we'll take a look at some of them so as usual watch this video all the way through to find out the top four crypto projects that are going to outperform in the next bull run [Music] hi kryptopreneurs what is your favorite crypto let us know in the comments if you like making crazy money with crypto this is a place for you here we explore new gyms and explain the best new tiny undervalued cryptos with 100x and 1 000 exponential you will also find all the news of the crypto space every day so make sure to subscribe and activate notifications for all the upcoming videos follow us on our social channels and join us members for added perks the first crypto we believe will outperform in the next bull run is none other than bitcoin we've seen about a doubling in blockchain wallets for bitcoin users since 2019.

This dynamic illustrates robust growth but we see only about 83 million waltz on the bitcoin network right now 83 million is not a significant percentage when you consider that there are around 5 billion internet users around the globe this data suggests that only one point seven percent of bitcoin's applicable market has been penetrated the bitcoin's price benefits from the network effect and as more users jump on the blockchain its price should rise eventually we could see a five percent 10 percent 15 percent or more of the world's population using bitcoin equating to a 250 to 750 million or more bitcoin wallet accounts this growing popularity dynamic should lead to waves of popularity accompanied by higher prices for bitcoin bitcoin's price is highly dependent on fed policy as the fed increases interest rates borrowing costs rise decreasing demand for risk assets however there is a limit to how high interest rates can go and once the economy is close to recession the fed will likely need to reverse its monetary policy as the fed switches from tightening to easing to assist economic growth into and after the downturn demand for bitcoin and other risk assets should increase leading to substantially higher prices for bitcoin in the next bull market we've seen several bitcoin bull markets and the price appreciation from drought to peaks has been around two thousand to ten thousand percent two of the three recent bull runs have appreciated by approximately two thousand percent seventy dollars to one thousand three hundred dollars and thirty two hundred dollars to sixty nine thousand dollars the huge run between 2015 and 2017 was more approximately ten thousand percent however if we stick to the lower end range of estimates going with a 2 000 depreciation from our 10 000 proposed bottom for bitcoin we arrive at a price target range of about 200 000 for the next top therefore despite the probability of intermediate term decline to around ten thousand dollars bitcoin could appreciate roughly 200 000 in its next full cycle of course this is not investment advice you should always do your own research and only invest what you are willing to lose after all we're not sure the bull run has really started so we suggest you be very careful the next crypto project that we think will outperform in the next bull run is polka dots if you're looking for the best crypto for long term potential then polka dot is an exciting proposition polka dot is one of the best all coins when it comes to solving the problem of interoperability which has played blockchain networks for years as a multi-chain network polkadot allows individual networks to share information which drastically improves scalability importantly polkadot still allows each chain's owners to govern it as they see fit allowing them to benefit from efficiency increases whilst retaining autonomy the polka dot protocol's native token dot is integral to the ecosystem as it is used for voting and for staking the cross blockchain transfer achievable on the polkadot platform covers all types of data and asset classes and not just tokens this feature results in transactional scalability for polkadot users as they can spread transactions across multiple blockchain networks additional features of dot include easy blockchain creation which allows users to create their custom blockchain network in minutes with the option to connect the blockchain to polkadot to access interoperability and security with more and more developers looking to create increasingly powerful dapps polka dot could have a solid future ahead of it the next crypto project is solana solana's native token sol is one of the most popular coins in the market its uses include staking and governance and can also be used to receive rewards and pay transaction fees the solana blockchain which supports smart contracts is attracting developers and with reasons on solana transactions are extremely affordable and take only a few seconds to complete in comparison to ethereum the largest blockchain for smart contracts in the world ethereum's transactions can cost up to one 100 and take several minutes to complete developers can create disruptive products due to the low development costs solana pay was announced recently allowing customers to pay merchants on the solana blockchain with their solana or stablecoin such as usdc which is packed to the us dollar the fees are extremely low posing a threat to most expensive financial networks such as visa and mastercard which charge between percent and three percent on each transaction on solana non-fungible tokens or nfts are also thriving allowing developers to fund projects in a variety of ways including through games and decentralized finance products solana is still a very strong project and it offers real utility it will therefore in our opinion have no trouble outperforming in the next bull run and the last project is going to be hex there are many reasons to believe that hex will post higher prices for the remaining half of this year one of these reasons is that hex's growth rate in the last two years since its creation remains incredibly high compared to other tokens like btc and eth during their first two years hex outperformed both hex's target is to beat bitcoin's record growth rate of 6 500 000 x in 12 years this means the coin aims to have a value of at least 367 dollars by 2032 although this figure is very high and may be challenging to attain it shows the coins ambition and growth potential so investors can have hope for a better long-term future for hex in the short term between august and december 2022 hex also shows excellent potential if the prices posted at the start of 2022 are significant then hex can end the year with a value as high as 18 cents hex is an excellent project for investors who believe in long-term growth and returns the coin's value is likely to increase over time so it is worth investing in to conclude do as much research as possible there may be lingering questions in your mind let us know what you think in the comments below and we will be back to you as soon as possible we hope we were able to provide some value and help you move a step ahead in your crypto journey be sure to check out our crypto brand called cryptopreneur get yourself the highest quality crypto merch available right now on the market and make sure to subscribe so that you don't miss out on any of our content till next time goodbye