CRO COINS: EARNING 5% Daily Passive Income With CRONUS DEFI

– Let’s talk about crypto passive income. Solely with Cronos, the clue for the exchange, one of the top 10 cryptoexchanges in the world. However, Cronos is aimingto be much more than this and it’s looking atcompeting with Ethereum as a Layer 1 blockchain. And as of right now, it has over 120 differentapplications built on it. And over 1% of the entire DeFiassets in the opening right now are locked up on Crono works. And that’s why today I wantedto look at some of these ways to make passive income on this relatively new Layer 1 blockchain. And decentralized financesoffer investors the ability to drastically increase their returns as opposed to what thebanks have been offering over the last couple of decades. And today, we’re going to be talking about four different waysto make passive income on the Cronos blockchain, starting with some more conservative frisks and then working our highway into some degenerate six representation APYs.Let’s get into it.( upbeat music) What’s going on? My name is Kris. And on this path, Italk about different ways I’m making passive income online. And to today, we are taking alook at the Cronos blockchain. And despite being a relativelynew Layer 1 etiquette, it has a wide variety of different options for different types of investors. There’s some investmentsthat are 12% APR per year and then there are someinvestments offering investors a 5% APR per daylight. And as I territory, we’regoing to be working our room from the least risk to more of the high risk type speculations. And some of these latter assets that I’ll be discussing today I did not put much fund in given the current state of our business, and I’ll disclose that when I get to them. But briefly, I want totalk about the purpose of the Cronos token, ticker representation CRO. And other than just being the clue of the exchange, per the website is toprovide the users the ability to pay real life things with your crypto. And although this isone of the core reasons why crypto was created over ten years ago, it wasn’t until the past year or two where we started seeingapplications like this actually being feasible.An illustration would be thecredit card from FTX allowing you to utilize yourcrypto on everyday buys. And now the exchangeis offering the same thing. And this type of use can specimen requires a large amount of liquidity, which is why the exchange is offering investors a12. 25% APR annual interest by locking up your CRO tokens. And I’m currently doing this with most of the CRO tokens that I view. And as of right now, there’s 1.7 billion in CROtokens that are locked up, which is over 15% of the entire supply.And this is extremely simple to do. All you have to do isdownload the app, buy at least 5,000 CRO tokens, and then you can stakeyour signs within the app. However, unless you reallybelieve in the CRO token I don’t really think that this is the bestplay for most people. There’s a stable coinon Anchor Protocol UST where you can stake that for a 19% APR which is not only almostdouble, but it’s safer as well. So I don’t think for most people that this would be the right fit.And that guides me intothe different works that are being built onthe Cronos ecosystem. And the first two thatI want to talk about are two exchanges, Cronaswapand Vultureswap.Finance. If you’re familiar withPancakeSwap being built on BNB, these are the same, only built upon Crono. And with exchanges comeliquidity consortia, relent farming, and different ways to make passive incomeproviding liquidity.And these liquidity poolsare what allow the exchange to really function, because without liquidity, the exchanges could not exist. And there are manydifferent farms and pools on these two exchanges, but one that I truly wanted to look at was the auto-compoundingCrono token on Cronaswap. Where if you venture your Crono token same to how you could havedone on exchange, you can earn a 250% APY orannual furnish percentage, meaning that it deepens formerly per epoch. It takes what it gains, frames it back on your original principle, allowing you to get that2 50% annual percentage. And I’m currently doing this with some of my Crono token as well. And because this is a single paired token the biggest risk here is just the price of Cronos going down. And I’m not going to go too deep into these yield cultivate form campaigns, but I’ll leave a link down below of a video where I discussmore in depth on what it is and some of the risks that are involved. Next up is the applicationDarkCrypto.Finance. And the sign of such an exchange is DARK, an algorithmic peg stablecoin pegged to the CRO token.This means that one DARK isworth roughly the same extent as one CRO token. And this necessitates if the CRO token moves up, DARK will move up or down with it. And the method algorithmic pegswork is by a two token organization. In this case, with DARK and the peg token. And it incentivizesinvestors to buy either one based on the price DARK, whether it’s above or below the CRO token. And I’ll situated an article downbelow if you wanna learn more about how algorithmic pegs occupation. As of right now, thisprotocol has over $30 million in resources locked up on it. And there’s a great deal to dig into, but the two that I’mreally going to look at, if you go over to the DarkAuto finance tab that’s where we’re goingto be looking at at today. And you can sort fromhighest to lowest APY.And I witnessed a consortium provide its investors a 38 billion percent APY. And not only that, but it’s a5% daily return on your money. Now I wanna say here, this is extremely risky. I started ahead and I threw in $10, because after 30 epoches that would come out to be about a $430 turn on my financing. And the nature it toiled was Iswapped$ 5 value of my CRO token for VVS Finance token, and then I swapped another$ 5 worth of CRO token with the V3S token. And then I led ahead andI situated those working in the reserve. And we’ll visualize what happens now, but at the end of 30 daylights, it says it’ll be worth $ 408. And really quick, I wanna say too, when compensating fees toset up these contracts, you’re going to wanna make sure that you probably have anadditional 10 CRO tokens in your pocketbook, which is about$ 3 importance. They’re blame more for fees on this. I recollect, because of the high APYs, they’re taking advantage of those fees. So only make sure that youhave enough for the rewards when you are trying to set this up, if you do decides to do that.Next up, I wanna talkabout a node-like project in the Cronos ecosystem, which is called Cronodes. And this is a DOS or a node-like project. If you’re a returning customer here, you know my stance on this, but it’s similar to thatof StrongBlock or Thor. And Cronode all are the version of that in this kind of ecosystemthat launched early January in the promotion of the node-like craze. Once you purchase 20 CRN tokens on Cronaswap with your CRO tokens, you can then make a nodeon the Cronodes website. And right now the CRN token is $11, means that to make a nodecost approximately around $220. And formerly you are buying a node your original asset will be gone, so all 20 of your CRN tokens will be gone but you’ll be paying ahalf a CRN token per daytime. Now, right now, they are in the processof cutting the rewards. So if you are watchingthis before April 1st, it might actually be alittle bit more than that.But it looks like by April 1st you’ll be making abouta for CRN token per daylight. This means that once all ofthe payoff trimmeds are in place it’ll take you 44 epoches or about a few months and a half to break even. And I personally thinkthat that’s really risky. I don’t have one of these nodes because I’m looking for nodes that have a six plusmonth break even duration. But if you’re not familiarwith how they cultivate, briefly, they run on Ponzinomics, which it incentivizesusers with high-pitched honors to fund the project. And it makes thosefunds from new investors to principally money the old-time investors. And then once more usecase or practicality is lent, that will be the revenue to pay investors. But until then, it’s runningoff of a Ponzi-like system.Another problem that I didn’treally like about the Cronodes is when you go to the website they don’t advertisewhat the project does. It talks about it, butyou really have to dig. And all they advertise on thefront end of their website is just how easy it is tomake the passive income, which to me was a red flag. However, I do know peoplein my disagreement radical that are making moneywith this particular node, so invest with caution.And I do have a video coming out soon about legit projects thatI’m looking to scoop up during this bear market, so be sure to stay chanted for that. And if you thought any ofthese other ones were risky, well, I’m saving the riskiest for last. And it’s MM Finance orMad Meerkat Finance. And there are some poolson this particular website offering its investors hundredsof thousands of percent APY per year. And as of right now, this is one of the largest exchanges on the Cronos blockchain with almost$ 1 billionin assets locked up. And it’s not only a DEX, but it’s also offering yieldfarming, NFTs, and much more. And like the other exchanges, there’s so many different facetsto these types of exchanges that I really wannahighlight a couple of ones that I found interesting. And the one that I’mgoing to look at today is the MMO or Mad Meerkat Optimizer. So once you swap your Cronostoken for the MMO token, you they are able partakein some of these reserves. The Mad Meerkat Finance istrying to incentivize investors by coming over from someof these other Layer 1 and Layer 2 protocols, such as Avalanche, Binance, Phantom and so on, byoffering investors APYs of over 100,000%. And doesn’t this sound familiar? Kind of sounds like theDOWS back last year. I’m telling you right now that this is probably not going to last. Either one that they’re goingto get the funds they need and then they’ll lower their APYs, or the system will deteriorate on itself. So, one of the two. I proceeded ahead and I investedabout $10 into this one. And if you go over to the Vault tab, you can sort by APYfrom highest to lowest. I’m in the two that are SVN and MSHARE. And this means that you’reputting in an equal sum of CRO token and SVN. So if you’re frame in $50 of CRO token, it was important to $ 50 of SVN, $50 of MSHARE. And there is a risk hereof impermanent loss, which is the case when thereare multi-paired poolings.And I’ll leave a link to a video here that I shielded what impermanent loss is if you wanna learn more about that, but it’s DeFinitely a riskyou need to be aware of when entering in multi-paired pools. And one of the reasonswhy I’m investing so light-headed in these projects is becausethese are the types of projects that will get absolutelydemolished if Bitcoin goes down. So be sure to invest wisely. And as always, people, be sure to check out my other playlist about how to make money online. One video a era will gomuch farther than you think. Like and subscribe for more videos coming out every single week. Thanks for watching, guys.And I’ll told you next time ..