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would you like to 5x 10x 50x or 100x your 
money with cryptocurrencies does this sound   too good to be true in today's 
video i'm going to be giving you   five altcoins that could 20 to 100x your money 
over the coming months and the best thing about   it is these are already out for you to buy 
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talking about all right so before i get started   that's a little homage to one of my friends 
in cryptocurrency joe parris right okay people   so thank you very much for being part of 107 000 
subscribers on the suppoman youtube channel we are   in very choppy waters where we don't necessarily 
know when is the best time to get in and the last   thing i want to be doing is making videos people 
get in and then the price falls down further   okay so what i'm looking for is a bit of stability 
now what we have seen in the past with bitcoin   is we have seen bitcoin in this distribution phase 
it has strength above this support line and it's   doing incredibly well then once it gets below it 
sings it happened last summer end of last summer   and it happened at the end of the year now we did 
have yesterday a quite strong day but today is   sunk again and the reason why is basically what 
has been plaguing bitcoin all of this time and   that is the uncertainty behind the us dollar so as 
you can see the us dollar in the last few days has   been incredibly weak and when the dollar is weak 
then assets inverse correlated with the dollar   such as stocks cryptos commodities like gold they 
tend to do very well are we out of the woods yet   it all depends on if we can hold certain support 
barriers i personally don't think we are out of   the woods yet in the last few months bitcoin going 
on exchanges has been zigzagging kind of sideways   but it hasn't made any significant increases and 
if we do get a large drop then it's certainly not   from the hodlers then it is by and large through 
the institutions ones that are redeploying capital   into these crypto assets for the coming year 
waiting for a suitable price to be able to get   into bitcoin and altcoins whatever's happening 
right now i think is market manipulation people   have been saying kazakhstan internet shutting 
down the fed's stance on cryptocurrency these   are not the reasons you know the hash rate of 
bitcoin has been going up and up and up so very   very strong fundamentally the network's strong 
the hodlers are strong and it's purely market   manipulation which is why i'm not worried and 
why i don't think we're in a bear market at all   it's just simply a case of waiting to that optimal 
point to be able to get into crypto currencies   the first altcoin gem i have got for you is the 
smashing of the like button all koi no i'm just   kidding really i am i really i am let's smash 
that like the first all coin i've got for you is   sidis heroes siddis heroes is a web 3 play to 
earn massive multiplayer online rpg triple a   space heroes metaverse game built on webgl webgl 
gives a fantastic graphics engine to be able to   build metaverse worlds this is definitely a 
rival to unreal engine 5 and citizeros is the   perfect showcase for the graphical potential and 
the expansiveness that is afforded to developers   in the metaverse world why is siddhis heroes 
particularly amazing well it's a triple a game   for starters it's space based i love the idea 
of running a space fleet fully immersing myself   into a space game flying a spaceship conquering 
worlds now civis heroes is going to be launching   their beta soon you are going to be able to play 
the game very soon now this cryptocurrency is a 64   million market cap slightly higher than a micro 
cap but nonetheless i think this could be one   of the top projects the top gaming projects this 
year and we have had a sizable retracement from   the near 20 cents now this is still 100 x cheaper 
than the sandbox and decentraland and they've got   a lot of stuff going on at the moment they have 
currently got an nft sale going on right now so   if you want a character or a spaceship you are 
going to be able to buy these on citizero so they   are very active and there's only going to be a 
certain amount of time that you can get into them   velaz is another cryptocurrency that i think is 
going from strength to strength and therefore my   second altcoin gem is velaspad velas i think 
are very very serious are they approaching   marketing getting bigger getting more grand over 
the coming months we have seen they have become a   premier one of three premier partners of ferrari 
formula one which shows they are only going from   strength to strength velazquez is the official 
launch pad for vellus projects therefore i think   of velasquez pad is going to do very well as a 
result they have got some very good ideas coming   up one of which is tomorrow which is marvellous 
nfts got verve tv which i think is going to be   huge and that is a vellus blockchain project 
dot pad also got valero dell which i think is a   d5 project is going to do insanely well velasquez 
pad are allowing for retail investors to get in   through the back door getting in very very 
early into these cryptocurrency projects   from the ground up so it's a very very good 
position to be in and a very promising ecosystem   the third altcoin gem i have got for you is 
the smashing of the lightbulb coin i'm not   kidding please smash it third place we have got 
stratos now stratos is another crypto currency   that is only going from strength to strength 
they are ramping up on partnerships if you are   not aware of what stratos is they are essentially 
a layer one infrastructure they are like ethereum   like cardano phantom solana it essentially allows 
for people to build that and it's ethereum virtual   machine compatible meaning that developers 
can pull their ethereum dapps over to stratos   but get a much faster ecosystem now stress 
is very beginning still of its life cycle   a very very small 46 million market cap which 
puts it a thousand x away from its main layer   one competitors so stratus has got so much more to 
travel in order to achieve its goals and they are   ramping up on partnerships they are ramping 
up with more projects they are building for   and i see the network effect growing over time i 
think this has got so much more potential ahead   and this is only the beginning of its network 
effect at number four i have got caster now caster   is essentially like getting into crypto.com early 
it's going to be crypto payments fast payments   it's going to enable for you to spend your 
cryptocurrencies for your normal shopping or   even for big purchases in the normal world so if 
you want to buy a car luxury watch or you want to   be able to buy your shopping then you are going to 
be able to with caster previously or currently at   the moment you've got two separate pots in your 
life you've got your fiat part what you make in   fiat whether it's in a nine-to-five job or some 
kind of freelancer job and then you've got your   cryptocurrency and they are separate parts one 
you can spend on regular day-to-day items and the   other you cannot and caster is one of the very few 
projects that are allowing you to be able to spend   your cryptos in the fiat world and the thing is 
and what many people ignore is that carl the moon   is one of the co-founders of this he is constantly 
talking about caster caster caster caster caster   and is to 500 000 subscribers and growing and 
nearly 1 million twitter followers so it just goes   to show this is going to have exponential growth 
through very free and very effective marketing   so as a result of that i anticipate that caster 
is only going to go from strength to strength i   think they had a bad opening with by bit where 
they had to apologize for people not being able   to buy properly on by bit however i think this is 
a very good long-term project and very different   as well there's plenty of d5 projects there's 
plenty of gaming projects plenty of metaphors   plenty of nfts but there's not much in the way 
of payments out there and particularly not fiat   crypto payments so this is unique but not only 
that this is a very small market cap it's in the   millions which allows for great appreciation 
of price the fifth and final altcoin is meh   now metagods has actually gone up quite sizably 
in the last 24 hours so it may be worth waiting   for a retracement now there is a reason why i say 
metagod metagods have released a version of the   game which is playable and i'm going to show you 
right now exactly how it looks so metagodz is a   play to earn game it's 8-bit retro style graphics 
it's very much like the legend of zelda for the   snares and what you do with this game is you buy 
an nft character and this nft character's got   what's going to allow you to make money playing 
the game i bought all of these meta gods and this   is a special edition superman meta god you can 
choose one of three roles i'm going to choose   archer because archer gives you the best 
range you can have long distance attacks   how you make money is essentially through 
speed okay getting through the levels with   high speed okay so you've got two methods to earn 
money one is by earning relic playing the game   constantly and winning at the game the second way 
is through these prized pools you're one of the   top three fastest people then you win a share of 
this prize pool so what i'm gonna be using is a   w s and d as the keys on this game i'm gonna try 
and get through it literally as quickly as i can   without losing too much life now these bad 
guys are actually very very annoying because   they kind of stick to you if uh if they get too 
close it's actually quite difficult to kill them   so the best thing to do is just kind of run 
away and uh and that's the best way to kill them now i have actually worked out a cheat way of 
being able to win this but i'm not going to   show you that cheap way if i show you the cheat 
way essentially it's just to be here and just   i'm just there there we are i'm getting him but 
i'm just gonna but i'm not gonna cheat all right   i'm gonna get closer so there we are there's the 
bad guy the boss big boss guy so once you oh get   lost okay maybe it's not as easy as it looked 
i should have just continued with the cheat ah all right he's nearly dead he's nearly dead 
hopefully i can kill him and remember i'm   doing this on a video people so forgive me here 
we are done one minute seven my best time for   this is actually 51 seconds all right so that is 
m gods m gods is actually fantastic as you can see   graphics are very smooth playful colorful and it 
very much replicates what we had back in the days   of zelda etc so i really like meta gods and i 
think it is a fantastic opportunity right now if   you think about 14 million market cap this is near 
400 x cheaper than decentraland and the sandbox   and as you can see the volume is 4 million yet 
the market cap is 14 million so it's almost three   to one ratio so it's highly relevant right now mr 
beast is invested and alex becker is also invested   so that usually bodes well for these games 
those are five cryptocurrencies and as a kind of   bonus what i have been doing very recently is i've 
been getting into neo tokyo now neo tokyo i think   is going to be the biggest nfg game of 2022 simply 
because unlike with board apes and crypto funks   that serve no real in-game utility you literally 
hold them to flip them ultimately whereas   neo-tokyo citizens and the ones that you see here 
are essentially the combination of four items   cards so you get a character card a vault land 
card and what you do is you combine them to create   a overall character you either become a normal 
citizen or you become an elite citizen and being   part of the elite system means you are open to 
all these benefits such as investing in games   of a lot of the investors that have actually 
become elite citizens so you've got amioka brands   c defy and other big brands actually that have 
gone into neo tokyo as elite citizens so i have   actually bought an elite citizen on neo tokyo and 
with that elite citizen you are able to actually   earn by huddling all right so if i just give you 
an example so if i choose this one here it's 125   ethereum i know it's extremely expensive what is 
important here is the reward rate so the reward   rate shows you how many bytes you earn on a 
daily basis so bytes are currently worth 88   so if you were to get this citizen essentially you 
will get five times 88 on a daily basis okay so if   we just do the calculations on that five times 88 
equals 440 on a day-to-day basis times 30 equals   13 200 on a monthly basis times 12 is 158 000 
on a yearly basis so i find that the citizens   as well as being an in-game utility nft for the 
game neo tokyo allows you to earn just by owning   in your metamask wallet you are able to earn 
passive income on a daily basis so that's one of   the areas i've been interested in the other one is 
this one wonderland so wonderland is essentially a   d5 application built on avax but they have opened 
out to other blockchains for instance phantom   so what i want to show you here 
is what you can do with your money   using wonderland you buy time from trader joe and 
you stake it what i want to show you is how much   you can make from this potentially okay so this 
is showing an apy of 84 000 on a yearly basis that   essentially counts as around about 843 x which 
obviously sounds incredibly optimistic if not   unrealistic but let's say worst case scenario 
it was actually 84x which is still fantastic   but let's just operate on the scenario of their 
current apy memo equals time price pretty much   so let's say you were to put a thousand dollars 
into this so let's say 0.5 memo that equals 1 118   dollars worth so what happens three times on a 
daily basis is a rebase happens when a rebase   happens you essentially get a reward in time 
so over the course of the day with these three   rebases if the price was to stay exactly the same 
well your one thousand one hundred and eighteen   dollars would turn into a one thousand one hundred 
and thirty nine doesn't sound that great but over   time it compounds after 120 days that one thousand 
dollars could be ten thousand dollars and that is   basically three months if we go another three 
months into the future so 240 days then that   could be a hundred and one thousand assuming the 
apy stays the same after the course of a year   it could be 942 000 now of course it sounds 
very optimistic sounds almost unrealistic   but then at the same time what have you got to 
lose by putting a thousand dollars into it so   i have been putting a lot of money into this i 
have been dollar cost averaging down since 2700   all the way down to late 1900s so my average 
buy price i would say is about 2 300.

so i'm   roughly breaking even at the moment so over the 
course of the following weeks should bitcoin   be unsuccessful at breaking through there could be 
another opportunity perhaps to get time a little   bit cheaper so that concludes today's episode 
what did you think did you enjoy it what was your   favorite cryptocurrency that i have spoken about 
let me know in the comments till next time people   i've been the superman you've been incredible 
and i'll see you next time it is the lights out.